Forrest Introduction

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The Forrest watch brand comes from the hand of Thai designer Mink Thepsawarin and has won numerous design awards. The designer himself has been pursuing European niche design and concentrating on designing products in the country. Every watch from Forrest is unique and made from natural materials. The design of the Forrest watch is about art, about nature, and the little friends who like nature and natural design will love it. All products are simple and refined, full of texture. There are not many existing styles, but they are all classic. Forrest’s dial face has no time or any fine design, only a simple hour and minute hand, and a low-key brand name on the hour hand. The designer moved the turf, natural rock, and wood to the dial, and the rare design surprised people, reflecting the designer’s pursuit of beauty and nature.

The price of the forrest watch is between 79 and 109 knives.

FORREST watches come from Thailand and is filled with a fresh and fresh atmosphere. Adhering to the craftsmanship of traditional Thai craftsmen, it is hand-built. Forrest’s watches are very special, full of design, simple and smooth shape, using wooden and grass to create a watch, especially for people who like literature and fresh and natural.

Forrest watch classic series

Turf series

The turf series gives a fresh feeling, and this kind of creativity makes people feel simple and relaxed. The turf is made of artificial, but the brand has been studying the use of fresh grass to make the surface, I hope everyone can feel the taste of nature. Think about looking at the green dial in the race against time, can you soothe your heart?

Wood series

The famous natural wood series has been continuously improved, from the original horizontal stripes to the current texture of fine wood. The movement is a quartz watch movement from Japan’s Miyota, which is extremely waterproof and durable.

Natural rock series

The natural rock pattern series has the strongest texture, and each one is different. It reveals a sense of high-grade from the inside out and forms a contrast with the slightly sporty strap, which has a humanized beauty.

How To Deal With The Sneak Stop Of IWC Mechanical Watch

As to the sneak top of the watch, those who have an understanding of the mechanical watch should know. It is because of the automatic mechanical watch depends on the swing of the arm to complete the winding. Also, it can also be manually wound.

If the watch has been placed for too long or the amount of activity of the arm does not meet the required, the watch will sneak stop, which may cause the watch to unwatch or stop when it is not worn at night. This is especially true when the person’s arm is inactive at night. At this time, we need to wind the watch to ensure that the watch has sufficient kinetic energy, so that the watch will not stop. Because the automatic winding is not enough, it is easy to happen to people who don’t swing their wrists, such as code farmers, editors, etc.

There is also a hairspring problem caused by magnetism, and the hairspring failure is also one of the reasons why the mechanical watch is stolen during normal walking. Some of the people we mentioned earlier have caused the watch to stop because of insufficient activity, and if the amount of activity is too large, the winding mechanism will be broken due to the tightening of the spring.

It also causes insufficient power. Generally, this kind of stoppage will occur from 9:00 to 12:00 in the evening. At this time, the hour wheel of the watch with the calendar function drives the calendar wheel. Directly causing the underpowered calendar card to stop.

In most cases, if this happens after winding, you should take timely measures to remove the fault as soon as possible. If it involves a faulty part of the mechanical movement, it is necessary to repair the watch after the sale and to avoid secondary damage to the watch.

Pilots That Can’t Dive Are Not Good Racing Watches

At this barth, TAG Heuer will introduce a new product with a carbon composite hairspring. This carbon composite hairspring is the latest black technology from TAG Heuer and was officially unveiled in January this year. Compared with the old metal hairspring and the more “new” silicon hairspring, the carbon composite hairspring has a very low density and is, therefore, less affected by gravity and impact; the geometry of the hairspring facilitates concentric oscillations, thereby improving accuracy. Degree; combined with aluminum alloy balance wheel, the temperature resistance is also stronger.

At this year’s Pakistan Exhibition, TAG Heuer did not accidentally take this hairspring as the mainstay. Let’s take a look at which new product is responsible for this important task.

Autavia Collection

That’s right, it’s Autavia. A friend who is familiar with the history of TAG Heuer should have heard about this term. The name Autavia is derived from the acronym for the words “automobile” and “aviation”, which originally represented the instrument panel timer used in racing cars and aircraft between 1933 and 1957. In 1962, TAG Heuer, the head of TAG Heuer, decided to name his chronograph, which means that the watch can be used both as a racing watch and as a flight watch. It is said that this Autavia chronograph is indeed worn by professional racers, and is also the military watch of the Kenyan and Argentine Air Forces. It is in line with the theme of “the two flowers of the racing plane” – as for the true and false, I can not verify It is.

Australia’s history of evolution

This year, the name was taken from the Archives by Tagay Hoya and a new series, Autavia, was formed.

The new era of Autavia

The series includes a total of 7 watches. It has a diameter of 42mm and is equipped with a Caliber 5 movement. The biggest feature is the use of the carbon composite material spring mentioned at the beginning of the article. Now the hairspring has a formal name: Isograph. It is said that the word comes from the Greek word, meaning “equal”, which symbolizes the stability of this hairspring. Its specific innovations have been introduced at the beginning of the article. However, the slightest flaw is that the movement is only 38 hours.

Isograph carbon composite hairspring

In terms of appearance, the new products of the Autavia series are no longer the previous chronographs, but the design of the big three-pin design, the wide sword-shaped needle, the calendar opening window instead of the 6 o’clock position, and 60 minutes. The bi-directional rotating bezel has an enlarged crown. If the Autavia in the 1960s was still a racing watch, the shape of the Autavia is now biased towards the pilot’s watch and even the diving watch. It is a pity that the waterproof depth is only 100 meters, and it is not very swatch for diving.

In addition, these 7 watches also played with flowers and materials. The case is made of stainless steel and bronze. The bezel is made of ceramic. The dial is available in blue, black, gray, brown and green with a gradient effect.

The back of the watch is made of titanium and is printed with a pattern of propellers and tires, symbolizing the flight watch and the racing watch.

Finally, the Autavia collection is equipped with a variety of straps, and the straps of each watch are interchangeable. It includes calf leather belts, steel belts and NATO belts in various colors. The wearer can change the strap at any time.

The time to market is still unclear, and the price is around 30,000 yuan. It is said that there will be no limit.

From this series, you can see three trends:

  1. Technology. Isograph carbon composite hairspring is one of the rare technological innovations at this exhibition. On the momentum, Defy Inventor seems to be bigger than it is, and the degree of innovation is higher. However, the mass production capacity of the watch is not strong, and the price is more than 100,000 yuan, and it is still from the civilian population. A little distance; TAG Heuer has set the price at 30,000 yuan and does not seem to be limited (the price of this watchis not limited), which means its mass production capacity Very strong. Looking at the history of human industry, we can know whether new technology can be popularized. The final key is whether it can break through the barrier of “low-cost mass production”. From this perspective, TAG Heuer’s Isograph carbon composite hairspring is expected to be widely popularized in the private sector. , bringing a new breath to the bezel
  2. Material. In addition to the steel shell, the Autavia series also uses a bronze shell. I believe that everyone is familiar with copper shells recently, and more and more brands use this material. I estimate that in the recent period, the trend of bronze watches will not decline, but will become more and more prosperous.
  3. tiger tag Heuer is the mainstay of this series and I found that although it is called Octavia it is actually biased towards the flight watch style. it should be known that tag Heuer has always been the mainstay of the sports culture. there are not many hunters for this area of ​​the pilot watch. this time it shows a strong desire to march into the field of flight watches. it is expected that the brand will have more pilots in the future so everyone will wait and see. after this batch of new products came out there was no dispute in the middle of the watch. some people like its design and some people think that the storage is too low or the price is high. what do you think?

How To Choose The Right Watch

There are many kinds of watches, many people are difficult to decide when they choose. I don’t know what kind of watch is right for you. So let’s see how to choose the right watch.

How to choose the right watch

  1. Choose a watch that suits your wrist, skin color, body shape, and frequent occasions. If you are bigger and stronger, you can’t choose a petite, delicate watch. It is best to choose a large surface, a chain link, and the geometrical structure of the grain is thicker. It looks more stylish and has a strong body shape suit watch for wearing a rough style watch. Smaller models should choose a smaller dial, thin section, away from the large surface, thick watch, beautiful people, should have a delicate watch to match it will look delicate and lively.

2, with your own overall to match, with the choice of clothes, glasses, handbags, the choice of watches must also be consistent with the overall dress.

3, according to the material of the strap to choose the color, if the strap is made of leather, then the strap color and the color of the shoes are consistent, this is a wise match.

4, consistent with their own temperament, whether you are outgoing or introverted, keen and sports or fashion simplicity, watches should be consistent with their own temperament, do not choose exaggerated large dial watch.

5, consistent with the environment, with different watches on different occasions, it is not appropriate to over-pursuit and shines

6, Choose the watch that suits you at the price. If you are just a commuter who squeezes the bus every day, and you don’t have so much economic support, don’t buy a watch with a good face. This will not give you the identity. It brings troubles in the life economy. You can choose the appearance, the movement, the quality, and the workmanship are all similar to the original replica watch. Although it is not a real genuine watch, it also brings good effects on the matching clothes. This is better than the price of the counter. , tangible, face to death, and overdraft hard support is much better.

Purchase watch considerations

When purchasing, you should choose the watch that suits you according to your actual income. Generally, you can purchase it with your monthly salary of two months.

Regular maintenance, the watch should not be deliberately put into the water test even if it is waterproof.

Basic knowledge to buy second-hand watches

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people, the total import volume of watches in mainland China has increased year by year. Correspondingly, the second-hand watch market will also change with the fluctuation of the main market. The sale and purchase of second-hand watches have also become the focus of watch enthusiasts. What basic common sense do two watches need to know?

▶ Difference between two watches/refurbishment watch/display watch

Two watches: In a nutshell, as long as they are used, they are called second-hand watches. It includes private transfers, pawnshops, second-hand markets, etc… Some people say that there are second-hand watches, do you have three watches? Yes, from the second-hand market, it is difficult to understand its ins and outs, maybe three Hands, four hands, five hands, even dozens of hands. But no matter how many times these watches have been transferred, they are generally referred to as second-hand watches in the industry.

Refurbished form: First of all, we must treat the renovation correctly, and we must not regard it like a beast. Watches are daily necessities, worn on the hands of the sun, the sun, the rain, the bumps, and bumps, not long after the old. The old watch is worn by you, and once it is handed over to the second-hand line, there is no selling point for such a color. So there is a step to make it fresh, called renovation. In fact, it may not be handed over to the second-hand line. The vast majority of watch service points are to undertake renovation and polishing services. Maintenance and washing oil may also provide a full set of free-standing. There is no selling point for broken things, and everyone likes new things. It can also be seen that the refurbishment of the watch is like pumping weight loss and sheep placenta. As long as it is in an acceptable range, it is not the deep grinding that we say. The actual use is not only unaffected but also makes you wear a more face.

Display watch: Generally, the watches displayed in the watch shop window and the counter are displayed. Because they are put on hold for a long time or for people to try on, these watches may not have the film of the warehouse and may have slight scratches caused by display, display, and transportation. Some are placed on the counter for a long time and are illuminated by spotlights. Some of the dials must be yellowed, luminous failures, etc. But these watches are indeed unofficial and can be called unused products. Because of the small flaws and small marks on the watch, they may be cheaper than the real new watch. It should be noted that there is indeed a new product sold in the market after the watch is polished and refurbished. If you don’t see it, please help yourself!

▶ Accessories for two watches and their impact on sales

Watches are shipped from the factory, regardless of brand level, there will be accessories. What are the specifics? This depends on the brand level. Lower brands, mixed brands, general accessories are boxes, small pillows, brochures, paper sets, etc. … well-known middle section: box (or bucket), manual, warranty card, card model, store The date of sale, etc…. The well-known mid-section brand will also have an independent serial number. A brand of enough level, the general attachment is roughly the same: box, security card, manual, factory attached materials, etc…

The most important thing in the buying and selling process is the insurance card. Its value lies in “identifying identity.” What is identity? It is to prove that the watch is very safe and can be purchased with confidence. Of course, it is not that black cards are not a security card. For example, some people go to Macau to gamble, lose their way, and mortgage their watches, but they will not carry their insurance cards with them… Again, some people go abroad to see the new watches, but the price is beyond the advance. Do you want to sell the old watches directly for a change of funds, you can’t expect them to come back to China to take the insurance card…

If there are really no attachments, not only will the price of the second-hand watches be greatly reduced, but there may be cases where the police station is filed. Therefore, after starting the watch, it is necessary to carefully store the relevant accessories.

▶ Reasons for buying and selling second-hand watches

First of all, because the price is affordable. Some friends seem to be more taboo to talk about this point and think that there is no face. In fact, nothing is embarrassing. The price of most second-hand watches can be 50% lower than the price of the new watch. As long as there is no problem with the watch, saving money can achieve the goal and achieve the ideal, what can’t it be?! Some people say that playing the second-hand watch really knows how to play the watch, which is reasonable.

Secondly, some discontinued styles can only be considered in terms of second-hand, and there are similar antique watches. If you want to buy second-hand, you don’t necessarily buy it!

Finally, the principle of depreciation. Many people who buy second-hand watches will consider whether they will lose money in the future. To be sure, as long as the economy does not fluctuate greatly, not only will it not lose, but it may still earn in a few years.

Buying and selling second-hand watches is not a shameful thing. As long as you grasp the good road, you have some basic understanding of the common sense of watches. If you don’t plant your head, you will be less skilled. Second-hand watches are still very fun~ People who buy second-hand watches don’t have to be experts and experts, but you must have experts, experts, and people who know you to help you buy them with confidence and buy them.

Pure Pioneer Beauty Zenith Defy Classic White Ceramic Watch

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Zenith was born in Switzerland in 1865. It has always combined the beauty and precision of mechanical watches with bold ideas, injecting new blood into the watchmaking world. This year, Zenith added a new model to its classic DEFY collection, with three different main colors – black, white and blue – that have a distinctive color and a contemporary elegance. Next, we will take a look at the white models as an example to see the unique charm of the new DEFY Classic watch from Zenith. (Watch model: 49.9002.670/01.R792)

The pure beauty of the vanguard

The DEFY Classic series interprets the new futuristic watchmaking skills in a pure form, and the overall geometric shape with a unique futuristic structure creates a strong three-dimensional aesthetic. For the first time, these three new models launched this year are made of hard and solid color ceramics. The exquisite and delicate appearance creates a modern and fashionable style, suitable for the avant-garde of modern cities.

Inspired by the original Zenith DEFY watch from the 1970s, this watch inherits the style and modern aesthetics of the year. The case is 41 mm in diameter and the ceramic case is sharply angled and polished in combination with a polished and satin-finished finish. The round bezel adds a touch of femininity to the watch.

The crown on one side is engraved with a star logo and is made of non-slip texture. It has a first-class feel and is easy to adjust.

The avant-garde openwork dial combines multiple levels of cutout design with visual movement originals to interpret the star structure in an ultra-modern perspective. The time markers and hands are covered with Super-LumiNova SLN C1 luminous material, which exudes a sparkling green light in the quiet night, making it a unique sight in the sleepless city. The unique date display circle is located on the outer edge of the dial and reads the time information from the display window at 6 o’clock.

The white hydrogenated nitrile rubber matched to the white case is full of modern sportiness and is fitted with a titanium double-fold clasp for easy wear.

The Elite 670 self-winding movement is clearly visible through the transparent sapphire case back. The overall structure of the movement has been re-arranged with a silicon pallet and an escape wheel, and the star-shaped balance with the satin-matte finish is exquisite. The movement has at least 48 hours of power reserve.

Summary: The geometric beauty and modern style are presented in the new DEFY Classic series of ceramic watches. The single-tone color highlights the exquisite micro-mechanics, and the brand’s self-developed movement is a blessing, providing a new choice for modern trendsetters.

What Is The Grade Of Mido In The Watch?

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Mido is an entry-level Swiss brand. It is the brother of Tissot, and Tissot is part of the watch giant, the Swatch Group. I personally have a piece of beauty. I have been buying it for five or six years. I changed the strap once and did maintenance. It was not bad overall.

From the perspective of positioning, the United States and Tissot are roughly the same, the price is slightly higher than Tissot. The brand has a good value and the design is very elegant, and many watches are inspired by the architecture. The new Belen Seri watch is inspired by the neoclassical architecture of the Emmanuel II arcade in Milan, Italy.

In this series, you can see the clean and elegant dial, the typical style of the Prince and the pointer. Most of the series is equipped with a calendar so you can keep track of relevant information.

Mido has some observatory watches that are relatively more secure. In the Observatory watch, the beauty is very close to the people, and the stainless steel model can basically be won by 7-8K. In the past, the ETA2824 and ETA2836 movements were used in the United States. The new beauty Belen Seri was used in the 80-hour power movement. The power reserve was increased from the previous 38 hours to 80 hours.

Cartier Brain Hole Wide Open

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Cartier, known for its jewelry crafts, has also launched a series of new products for the 2019 Geneva show, each of which continues the iconic ornate style.

The first one is Tank Chinoise Red, which was born in 1922 and is said to be inspired by Chinese national architecture and the unique “Chinese Red” color. Ruby and diamonds are set on the edge of the rectangular case, lined with black enamel, with a quartz movement, limited to 100 pieces, and the estimated price is RMB 500,000.

The second is the Diagonale, which is very luxurious with red and black enamel and dense sparkling diamonds. The unique shape is a plus item. It is equipped with a quartz movement and a red crocodile leather strap with a limited edition of 50 pieces. The estimated price is 300,000 yuan.

The third is the Baignoire Allongée, which is divided into celadon and black versions. The former is made of platinum, diamonds, jade, Paraiba, and the latter; the latter is composed of gold, diamonds, black spinel, yellow sapphires, etc., all of which are full of arrogance. The 1917 MC small manual movement is used, limited to 50 pieces, and the price is about 500,000 yuan.

In addition, Cartier reopened its boutique in the Mayfair area of ​​London and launched the classic Crash Reissue. This style was founded in 1967 and is said to be inspired by the deformation of the watch after impact, and the appearance is very interesting.

The watch is powered by the 8971 MC caliber and is available in both gold and diamond versions. The quantities are very rare and are only available at boutiques in the Mayfair Center. The former is priced at about 200,000 yuan, and the latter is priced at about 500,000 yuan.

Breguet Classic Series 5157 Ultra-thin Watch Awarded In Germany

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In 2018, Breguet launched the Classique Classic 5157 ultra-thin watch rose gold, which was awarded the “Best Watch Design Award” by the German “Robo Report” magazine for its classic and elegant design.

The Breguet Classique Classic Collection is known for its never-ending aesthetics, symbolizing the purest Breguet style. This new Classique classic 5157 ultra-thin watch rose gold is the perfect example of this concept. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and a silicon hairspring. The case is only 5.45 mm thick, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with coins, reflecting the presence of Abraham-Louis Breguet. The elegant charm of the classic chronograph. The silver-plated gold engraved dial features a traditional Parisian style (Clous de Paris). Since the 16th century, the engraving process has always been favored by watchmakers. Originally, engraved flowers were only used to decorate the case. Soon after, Mr. Breeze applied the craft to the dial decoration, and carved the dial into a real artwork, demonstrating his unremitting efforts to create extraordinary craftsmanship. The dial is hand-engraved according to the traditional craftsmanship, and the detail processing is still confidential, and the skill of the craftsmanship is unmatched. As with last year, the engraving process is done by hand engraving machine (for round decoration) or straight hand engraving machine (for straight-line pattern). Today, the engraved flower is still one of the iconic features of the Breguet timepiece. Classique Classic Series 5157 ultra-thin watch rose gold models follow the blue steel Breguet pointer designed by the founder of the brand. Designed in 1783, this slender and elegant hand is very popular. Since then, the “Baoyu pointer” has become a common term used in the watch industry.

The Breguet signature engraved next to the 12 o’clock position is another exclusive feature. When Mr. Breguet discovered that his innovative work was copied by others, he created this signature design. Today, invisible signatures are still a sign of the authenticity of the watch.

The elegant aesthetic design of this watch symbolizes the purest Breguet style, and the jury of watchmaking experts is deeply attracted to it. The aesthetic style created by the founder of the brand, Abraham-Louis Breguet, highlights the unique beauty with simple and refined lines, giving the timepiece a unique charm.

How about the MG watch? How is the MG watch?

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Based on the quality first, the dignitaries actively create and strive for the spirit of perfection. In order to satisfy the needs of consumers in the pursuit of success and noble taste, they have always passed on the classics in 133 spring and autumn, interpreting professional Swiss watchmaking culture and designing countless nobles. Timeless classic works. The so-called classic art design can last forever through the test of the times, and the fine work can achieve the top pursuit of quality. The real innovation is more resistant to the migration of time than the current trend. Like many watch companies with a long history, the time of the engravings, bearing in the brilliance, the MG is presented to the public.

In the spring of 1879, at a giant banquet, Cuthbert Keynes met Absalom Macpherson, who designed jewelry for the royal family. The two met at the same time. After two or three years of contact, the two were The watch technology has a common language, so the watchmaking factory was formally established in 1882, and the Manjaz watch company, Cuthbert Keynes and Abu Solon McPherson were registered with the authorities. (Absalom Macpherson) has cooperated with each other. Since its establishment, it has been instilling the spirit of quality first, actively creating and striving for perfection, and instilling in their friendship and mutual culture promoted The brand of Manjaz has grown and developed over the past five years. The Manjaz watch company has gradually gained favor from the industry, and its reputation has spread rapidly in the Swiss watch industry. With the technology of the famous watch, It is a mature classic, and every MG is designed to be a precious and timeless classic. It has become a treasure that the royal family members and noble gentlemen have led.

In 1884, it was an important beginning for the MG to the world. The watch core produced by the MG’s movement factory won the first place in the Neuchâtel Observatory’s precision timekeeping test competition. The award is a symbol of the global sales of watches and clocks. At the same time, the company’s watch products are a well-known watch badge, which has established a strong position in the Swiss watch industry.

In 1888, Cuthbert Keynes took 18 months of fine work and finally produced the first scale-carved shell, hand-wound, open-top pocket watch, so this precious and ancient combination The scale watch pocket watch La ēcaille officially came out. It was once a special timing tool for senior officers of the Spanish Navy.

In 1931, Manjaz was the first wristwatch with a constant-motivation core “La Auto Ma”.

Between 1940 and 1959, the Manjaz watch was awarded a certificate issued by Kew Teddington, the UK’s authoritative testing department, and the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland.

In 1967, Esmond Keyes, the grandson of Keynes, graduated from the Paris Watch School and resolutely joined the Manjaz watch company. Since childhood, he has received a good education and baptism of the family’s fine traditions, plus talent. Although he first entered the field of watches, he fully demonstrated his ability and talent in watchmaking, so he soon became an excellent watch technician.

In 1978, after more than a decade of experience, Esmond Keyes officially took over the prestigious family business. Then, the ideals and ambitions of Esmond Keyes finally To be able to display, first move the factory from La Chaux-de-Fends to Solothurn, a province with abundant human resources and developed transportation. Adopt modern company management system and mechanized production methods to introduce cutting-edge Professional watchmaking technology and instruments, using the new division of labor system for assembly work, improve efficiency, skill, and quality, and produce watches with precise, accurate, high quality and reasonable price.

Esmond Keyes is a master of watchmaking on antique watches. Especially on antique pocket watches, he has inspired him a lot of creativity and can be flexibly implemented in his own works. The clock with its own name is engraved with the Latin word “Invenit Fecit” (invention and creation); on the other hand, Esmond Keyes is a successful entrepreneur, he is adhering to The family’s visionary and strategic tradition has been to expand the Far East sales market while consolidating the European and American markets. In a trade meeting in the Balsthal region, Esmond Keyes met Fluri Hubert, and the two quickly established a close relationship in the Far East market. Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia have established offices to focus on the local business development of the MG, and respond closely to market requirements.

The beauty of the quiet years, inheriting the classics of the centuries. After three generations of unremitting efforts, the Manjaz watch has always been the same, adhering to the spirit of quality first, actively creating, striving for perfection, constantly improving the watchmaking process, a group of outstanding MGs hand in hand Cooperate to work together to produce high-quality and high-level watches and clocks to meet the test of the new era.

In 1992, ARTAX WATCH LTD officially entered into a partnership with the Keyes Family and was officially commissioned by the Cairns family, Flori Hubert. With years of experience, Fluri Hubert led the MG to overcome challenges and create international The market, especially the market in the Far East, has achieved remarkable results.

As a traditional Swiss brand, MG is always maintaining the consistently high quality of the Swiss watch industry. In the face of the globalization trend of the world economy, the MG is constantly exploring and advancing, and gradually develops its own unique watchmaking culture. After taking office, Fluri Hubert carried out a certain degree of resource integration on the MG brand, from the traditional family management mode to the scientific production management, modern marketing planning mode, to meet the needs of the market for the majority of watch lovers bring a classic, high-quality Watch.