What Should I Do If The Watch Buckle Is Loose?

When the watch buckle is used for a long time, it will be loose. It will not be swatch for wearing, and the long-wearing loose watch will be very insecure, so we need to adjust it if we find that the watch buckle is loose.

The strap buckle is loose. I went to repair the watch and said that I have to spend dozens of new ones. I feel that I can’t make a decision. I didn’t change it. Later I went home and studied it myself. I found that as long as the front ends of the buckles were slightly knocked down with the hoe, it was tight. !

If you find that your strap is loose, you can remove the strap yourself and refit the appropriate strap section. The straps are connected differently, so the method of disassembly is different. It is more common to use nails and screw rods. For high-end watches, the nails used (tire straps) are grooved, and at the same time, there is a sleeve. The corresponding position of the sleeve will also have grooves. The sleeve is made of elastic steel and two grooves. When you fall together, you can ensure that the straps are not studded in the future.

Watch buckle loose solution

1 knife to pick a higher pick.

2 Or go to the place of purchase to change.

3 Use your own needle-nosed pliers to adjust the link between the buckle and the strap.

4 new buy a strip, the strap of your watch size, please buy the strap to help change.

Watch buckle adjustment steps

  1. Unscrew the handle of the disconnector and return the ejector back to the flat shape
  2. Align the small stylus between the straps to be removed, screw the handle of the detacher and push out the small stylus
  3. Put the strap into the “slotted” of the disassembler (the ferrule steel bolt has two heads and one head is flat and has a word with a thin slit. There is a card position, so the sharp needle should be from the flat end, not From the top of a font type).
  4. 4, according to the size of the wrist to adjust to the appropriate length, then in the opposite direction of the arrow to put the hands back, put the strap, but pay attention to the watch must first determine the watch with the grain is not by the silk, but by the nail or hairpin Loaded. It can be OK from the smallmouth to the big mouth! The strap that is difficult to remove can only be done in less than a minute!

watch buckle common types

Watch folding buckle

In order to make up for the deficiency of the traditional pinhole strap, two-fold and three-fold straps were born. Their biggest advancement is to use the pinhole only as part of the fixed strap, the pinhole is used to fix the strap, and the other end is a metal folding clasp. The action of picking up the watch every day is only the folding clasp, which does not hurt at all. And around the strap and the hole.

Watch pin buckle

The watch pin buckle should be one of the most commonly used watch buckles. It is generally used for low and medium-grade belt watches. In terms of operation, the watch strap can be adjusted by itself.

Watch belt snap

Watch belt buckles are generally not used much, as its name suggests, mainly used for belt watches.

Watch button

The dark buckle of the watch is generally used for steel belt watches. When folded, it is integrated with the strap, which is very beautiful and therefore very popular.

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