Nomos Brand Profile

Nomos is a well-known German watch brand, a continuation of the legend of Glashütte watchmaking. All of its movements have been independently designed, developed and manufactured. In the world watch industry, many watch manufacturers know that its engineering design is not available from third parties. It is also one of the few in the world with independent intellectual property rights and has its own design, research, and development, manufacturing machine. One of the manufacturers of core capabilities.

Nomos’s Revival and Watchmaking Belief

With the unification of Germany, the traditional watchmaking industry was reborn again, and Glashütte’s unique style and influence as a center of excellence in watchmaking were revived. Nomos, the first of the emerging watch manufacturing industry, inherits Glashütte’s centuries-old history of watchmaking, creating a high-quality mechanical watch that continues the reputation of the birthplace of Glashütte, which is why Nomos can become a German. Watch it as a national treasure watch.

Roland Schwertner, president of Nomos, believes that “design does not end with the appearance of the product, but rather the design relationship between us and the people wearing NOMOS watches.” So Schwertner insists that every owner of the Nomos watch gets a share of ownership. Proof (as it is purchased with a serial number), the purpose of this intimate design is to ensure that the watch is as fast as possible when it needs repair. Schwertner believes that this service is integrated into the design concept of Nomos watches. Due to Schwertner’s insistence, today’s Nomos watches are in perfect condition, even in the most difficult circumstances, Nomos can still not change its Chi, to create an amazing watch.

The nomos strap gives the most care and attention to every part and every step of the production process. Nomos’s design is particularly focused on the performance and readability of each watch.

Nomos manufactures watches of superior quality and a unique design with exquisite craftsmanship. The strap of the watch is also very eye-catching and is the watch of choice for fashion people.

The Nomos watch combines exceptional quality with a unique design. Only very good materials will be used in the construction of Nomos, and the watchmakers are extremely skilled, and the nomos strap is also a highlight.

The most fashionable watch brands seem to have endless features. In fact, the watchmakers of NOMOS in Germany have created a mechanical watch with excellent quality and a unique design with a dedication to craftsmanship. The overall design of the NOMOS is extremely packaged. The style of the house is extremely simple. NOMO’s movement is also known for its durability. Its strap is even more unusual. The masterpiece is the horse’s skin, which is the most durable leather strap. It is not luxury, the pursuit of time art is the biggest feature of NOMOS. This is probably one of the reasons why German watches are popular with many young people with a modern artistic temperament.

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