Handsome and delicate coexistence Chanel’s new J12 watch debut

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If you talk about Chanel, then the watchmakers will first think of the J12 watch. I don’t know when the J12 watch has become the most popular watch by Chanel. The classic forever, the first heart, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the advent, the J12 watch that has been deducted still maintains the original essence, nature is not deliberate, then what is the look of today’s Chanel J12 watch?

This is the all-black model that Chanel launched during this year’s Basel exhibition – J12 Phantom watch – H6185. The original intention of Chanel’s former art director, Jacques Hailu, was to create a watch for himself. In his sketches, a timeless classic, sporty pure black watch appeared on the paper. His inspiration comes from his two favorite worlds: racing and sailing. He is obsessed with the streamlined design of the car, especially the triumphant generals of America’s Cup regatta – the simple and pure lines of the J12 sailboat: the J12 watch is named after it.


Black is a classic, then ceramic interpretation, the watch is more quiet and elegant, the new J12 watch uses a one-piece precision ceramic case, the rounded polished case is delicate and smooth, while the case thickness is slightly increased, still keep J12 The lines of the watch are as smooth as ever, because of its more rounded outline, the case has no heavy feeling, and the fixed black bezel enhances the recognition of the watch.


This year, Chanel reduced the diameter of the crown by a third, and the top was inlaid with delicate cabochon precision ceramics.


Mysterious and cool black appearance


Black bezel


The black lacquered dial maintains a unique gloss. The timing scale of the inner ring of the new J12 watch is more refined. The digital scale font has been redesigned by the Chanel watch creative studio, which is more attractive and beautiful. The hands are also more delicate and slender: the hour and minute hands are the same width and are slightly adjusted above the Super-Luminova super luminous coating. To continue the brand’s signature style, the AUTOMATIC and SWISS MADE logos are presented in Chanel-specific fonts and the SWISS MADE position is moved to the flange.


The watch is equipped with a black precision ceramic strap with a triple-folded steel clasp. This year, the chain will be slightly extended to add a touch of brilliance to the black watch.


The bottom of the watch is designed with a back through, and the movement of the movement can be observed through the sapphire glass bottom cover. The 12.1 calibers self-winding mechanical movement is specially built by the Swiss fine watchmaker KENISSI. It has passed the certification of the COSC (Swiss Official Observatory Inspection Agency) and redesigned the oscillating weight with tungsten metal to provide long Up to 70 hours of power reserve.


Summary: The Chanel J12 watch has a long history and remains unchanged. It is the spirit of its inheritance. J12 watch that is both handsome and delicate, what are you waiting for?

Summer affordable diving watch recommended 5,000 to 6,000 budget can win

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With its tough shape and good performance, the diving watch has always been well received in the market. Nowadays, the summer is hot and the seaside is also a great holiday destination. It is just a good time to wear a diving watch to go to the beach. Today, the watch family summed up three good diving watches, the price is between 5,000 and 6,000, and the wind evaluation is also very good, let’s take a look.


Certina diving element series C032.407.17.051.60

Watch Comments: The Certina STC 60th Anniversary Special Watch has a 43mm diameter steel case with a one-way rotating bezel and excellent diving. The watch features a screw-locked crown, a screw-locked back cover and an ultra-resistant DS double-safety technology that is water-resistant to 300 meters. The black lacquered dial features a luminous time stamp and hands, and the second hand is blue. The movement is powered by the Powermatic 80 self-winding movement, which provides 80 hours of power reserve.


Mido Pilot Series M026.430.17.051.00

Watch Comments: The US Pilots Series is a classic watch. The shape of the 42.5mm diameter watch is tough and handsome. The classic diving watch is styled with a black dial. At 3 o’clock, there is a day display and a date display window. There are two-time markers at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock respectively. Interpretation time in the water. The time-stamped logo highlights the three-dimensional sense, complementing the hollowed-out pointer, and the Ocean Star’s exclusive starfish pattern is engraved on the back of the case. The Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement provides 80 hours of power reserve.


Tissot Sports Series T1204071704100

Watch Comments: The diving watch of the Tissot Starfish series can also be seen. Stylish, affordable, everyday wear or party. The steel case with a black rotating bezel, the gradient dial is like a deep ocean, very nice, with a date display window at 6 o’clock; a rubber strap with a safety folding clasp with a diving extension. Long power storage is also very popular today, and POWERMATIC 80.111 is capable of providing 80 hours of power reserve.


Summary: The three watches introduced above for you, the price is close to the people, the design and performance of the watch are not bad if you have a plan to buy a watch in the near future may wish to take a look. When summer comes, you should come to the diving watch and feel the charm of summer.

Why is this rainbow circle sold out?

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To show the natural beauty of the rainbow with colored gems on the bezel, it is a great test for brand strength and mosaic technology. Therefore, there are not many brands that dare to try the Rainbow Circle. The players are “strength players”. In 2018, the “100-year technology big cow” Zenith launched the Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited edition watch, which is divided into black ceramic and titanium gold, each limited to 50 pieces, and now it is a difficult state of out of stock. Then, this “true” rainbow, by virtue of what is in the fierce rainbow circle watch competition, to kill a bloody road?

In recent years, Zenith has successfully transformed itself with the iconic hollow mechanical sense of the new DEFY series. It is full of domineering and full of futuristic sense and has harvested a lot of young friends. But can the cool mechanical feel and luxurious colored gemstones be combined without any compromise?


First of all, the dial style still follows the hollow design of the Defy series, which is full of mechanical sense. The 2.26-carat/44-long stepped cut gemstones around the bezel are arranged in a gradual arrangement of colors, forming a beautiful “rainbow circle” between the wrists. The colorful treasure shines but highlights the characteristic structure of the skeleton movement. It is worth mentioning here that it was heard before at the exhibition. Today’s current gems inlaid on all Rainbow Circle watches are made of VVS clarity and high-quality gems. That is to say, there is no one who has less or less for the value of gems.


In terms of case material, this watch is available in two versions, black ceramic, and titanium. The black model is low-key and boring, yet elegant, and it feels full in the hand. Silver silver titanium version I did not get started, but the advantages of titanium metal material must be understood by everyone, the amount is light and hard like lighter friends can try it on, will definitely feel the surprise.

Although from the appearance, including the large dial of 44 mm, it seems to be more suiwatch for men, in fact, I also saw girls wearing, handsome and refined, the most important thing is that it is right.


Here, I share with you some of the star wear and the daily wear of the watch, the preference is based on everyone’s own match, but I think that regardless of any clothing, this “mechanical rainbow” watch can always become the “finishing touch” of the whole body.


There are two independent escapement systems: one for the travel time system and the other for the timing system.

As a force in one of Switzerland’s four major movement factories, the company has always been the foundation of its organic core and technical strength. When it comes to technology, Zenith will proudly lift the El Primero watch on his wrist. After all, the title of the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement is not white. After that, we know that Zenith developed an El Primero 9004 self-winding star speed caliber with a 1/100 second accuracy based on the original 1/10 second precision El Primero movement. With the second beat of 100, it is the most “speed” movement in the world. The DEFY El Primero 21 RAINBOW limited edition is equipped with this movement. It is worth mentioning that such a high-precision high-frequency movement can also achieve the hollowing-out style, which is also sufficient to prove the powerful performance of the self-produced movement. On the whole, there are only a handful of brands that can do this now, and Zenith is one of them.


Finally, to talk about a practical problem, the DEFY El Primero 21 RAINBOW limited edition watch can be fired to “a difficult list”, and its high-cost performance is definitely an important reason. The rainbow-band watches of various brands circulating on the market today are tens or even millions. The high-energy and high-quality this limited-time “Rainbow Circle” has the same level of high-quality colored gemstones, Hong Kong and the mainland are equally limited sales, priced at RMB 175,000, compared to other rainbow ring watches, it can be said Too affordable.


On the other hand, regarding the maintenance price, for this kind of precision machinery, the movement design of the El Primero 9004 self-winding star speed movement is very precise, swatch, shockproof and anti-magnetic. The cycle required for maintenance has been greatly reduced and it takes only a few years to maintain it. This maintenance cost is accepwatch considering its wearing value.

From the perspective of this rainbow ring sold out, the watch friends who don’t blindly follow and increase the price to buy super-priced watches are still in the market. Buying a watch is like a happy, reliable one.

How about a ROSDN watch? Is the quality good?

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When it comes to ROSDN watches, everyone is familiar with them. ROSDN carries hundreds of years of watch technology, with superb watchmaking time and exquisite quality. Let’s talk about where the watch can be reflected in the ROSDN watch.


  1. Movement

The movement of the ROSDN watch is mainly based on the Swiss Ronda movement. Its movement has a display function of electric power and adopts advanced technology to make the watch to the fullest extent. Of course, when the display battery display is quickly consumed, it must be replaced with a dedicated battery.


  1. Steel chain


The steel chain of the ROSDN watch is also made of special steel. The surface is very bright and its characteristics and luster are also reflected, which perfectly presents a high-end quality. The steel chain of the Lawton watch also has such good rust and corrosion resistance, and the price is very high.




The surface glass of the ROSDN watch is not simple. It is a glass shape that has been cut by sapphire. Its hardness is very high, and it has wear-resistant and unbreakable effects. This is also one of the benefits of the ROSDN watch, which is loved by many people.


  1. Diamond


When you hear a diamond, you know that it is an expensive item, and of course, the hardest thing in the world and the ROSDN watch uses expensive diamonds. In the variants of many ROSDN watches, we will see one or two diamonds. It can not only reflect the value of ROSDN but also fully demonstrate that ROSDN is indeed a good watch.


  1. Tungsten steel


Tungsten steel is the hardest alloy in alloys. Compared to diamonds, diamonds have a natural hardness, while tungsten steel is a synthetic hardness. However, after polishing tungsten steel, its luster can be as dazzling as diamonds, and the price is countless. The use of such tungsten steel in ROSDN watches greatly enhances the noble feeling of the watch, and the quality problem is not a problem at all.


Conclusion: In general, ROSDN watches are made of high-end watches made of the finest materials. The quality is really not blowing, although it is expensive but also worth the money.


Ok, the quality content of the ROSDN watch to be introduced today is here first. Thank you for reading!

About two thousand men’s good watches recommended

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Not only are very expensive watches, but also the taste and temperament. The following are some of the watches that are not only expensive, but the quality and appearance are very good. It can be said that the price is high.


About two thousand men’s good watches recommended


  1. Vacheron Constantin


This series of Vacheron Constantin is the most fashionable fashion watch. The appearance of the watch looks generous and looks like a low-key but very temperamental taste. The quality is also good. There is no such thing as this series. It is an automatic movement from the import, and it has been modified several times. According to the whole analysis, it is one grade higher than the quality of the general import, so it is a wrist worth 2,000 watches. watch.


  1. Panerai 438


The Panerai 438 is the only watch made of all ceramics in its brand, so this watch is made of a large number of ceramic materials, whether it is the strap or the body. The classic luxury black material allows Panerai 438 to looks nobler, and it does not appear too arrogant. It is a style that many men love today. It is also a good choice for you to choose a watch with two thousand plus.

  1. Cartier


Cartier is the most common watch brand. It is also recognized as the most gentleman’s watch in the watch industry. The Cartier watch is simple in design and design, so it doesn’t look fashionable, but the style. But it will never be outdated, and the Cartier watch is also very versatile, the style is biased towards a variety of styles, can be very casual, can be business, it also has a sporty atmosphere when needed, the price is not expensive, but Very suiwatch for the choice of the public men.


  1. Herbert Berlin-City Urban Series 19515/14 Men’s Quartz Watch


Modern young people generally like to pursue some simple styles. The same is true for watches. If you are planning to buy a watch that suits you for two thousand plus, then this Herbert-City urban series is 19515/14. The men’s quartz watch is also very good. It has a black dial with a long hour and minute hand design, and then a dozen exquisite strip-shaped time scales are simply created. If you are a minimalist pursuer, Then the two thousand plus watch is perfect for you.


  1. Armani ARMANI-fashion men’s watch series AR1674 quartz men’s watch


Armani can be said to be famous in the fashion world, and the variety of products involved is also very much. This man’s quartz watch, the natural value is not low, it has a stainless steel outer ring, inside is white The dial is retro in style but has a certain sense of ritual. The 12 o’clock position of the watch is the big logo of its home. On the whole, it looks like a simple and elegant shape. The versatile style can also be worn casually regardless of the occasion.


  1. Citizen CITIZEN-Light kinetic energy series BM6753-00A Men’s kinetic energy meter


A brand from Japan – Citizen, it is said that the two thousand plus men’s watch recommended, Xiaobian planted its light kinetic energy series men’s light kinetic energy watch, the shape design is simple and stylish, rose gold created The combination of the case and the sapphire glass mirror is classic and decent. If you are a handsome guy who likes the big dial design, then you must choose it because it has a 40mm large dial shape.


The six men’s watches introduced above are good two-plus-plus watches in terms of value, quality, and price. If you want to choose a cost-effective watch, then you can’t refer to it.


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For Roger Dubuis, every day is the day of competition, full of new challenges and goals of excellence. Like the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Lamborghini Athletics Division, Roger Dubuis is committed to excellence and cutting-edge performance, amazingly innovative innovations and superbly stylish aesthetics, all of which are based on forward-looking research and determination and dedication. To provide a bold and unique customer experience. These common points prompted the two sides to quickly launch radical cooperation and burst into a brilliant spark.



Lamborghini Squadra Corse Lamborghini Racing and Roger Dubuis are determined to bring together each other’s expertise and skills to provide the best service for those who are committed to surpassing their limits and breaking through established rules. When the engineer’s superior vision meets the watchmaker’s extraordinary creativity, it creates a timepiece that is amazing and carries the spirit of “excellent machinery and galloping”: the first watch created by both parties has been

September 20, 2017, was launched. In the strong cooperation of the next year, Italy’s elegant aesthetics continue to work together with Swiss precision machinery and excellence to create horror.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante watch

Strong kernel

Inspired by the unique design aesthetics of Lamborghini Squadra Corse and its Huracán Performante supercar in 2018, Roger Dubuis’s watchmakers created a timepiece with a racing style. The imposing Excalibur Huracán

One of the most striking features of the Performante watch is its new “engine”: the RD630 caliber with a 12-degree tilting wheel, an iconic movement by Roger Dubuis and the Lamborghini Lamborghini Alliance. This watch borrows strong and vivid visual elements from the morphological characteristics of the super sports car, and is especially important for the hexagonal shape: as a common geometry for constructing a super sports car body, it appears in various timepieces in various deformation methods. In particular, it symbolizes the design of the “engine room lever”. Lamborghini The Lamborghini Huracán Performante super-sports conspicuous hexagonal air intake grille is also shown in miniature on the Excalibur Huracán Performante watch, which can be viewed through its hollowed-out dial.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante watch

Other special decorations include: a new crown inspired by the super sports car wheel nut; a hollow bridge with a double-barrel “fuel tank” and a multi-material “spoiler”; and an automatic machine viewed from the back of the watch The core’s entire circular oscillating weight also emulates the rim design of the Lamborghini Lamborghini Huracán series of wheels. The exceptional performance, lightness, and safety of the Excalibur Huracán Performante watch, like the Huracán supercar, is covered with a unique “technical titanium grey” coating with iconic bright yellow decorative elements – this concept is based on 2019 The latest version of the super sports car on the track.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante watch


Global grip

When the engineer’s superior vision meets the watchmaker’s extraordinary creativity, he has achieved a new work of “Perfect Fit”. As a technological pioneer in tire production and development, Pirelli has worked with Lamborghini Lamborghini for more than half a century. All Lamborghini Lamborghini sports cars and road sports cars are equipped with cutting-edge Pirelli Pirelli tires to drive the thrilling track. Today, the Excalibur Huracán Performante watch “masters” the wrist: the rubber strap of the watch is in addition to the Alcantara material, and the back is printed with Pirelli P Zero TrofeoTMR high-performance custom tires. Unique texture. With its centuries-old racing expertise, Pirelli has created this excellent custom tire that not only enhances the driving pleasure of the sports car but also creates the best results on the track with the most advanced technology.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante Watch Movement (RD630)




Nothing is more memorable than the real experience: the 88 owners of this thrilling timepiece will be able to look forward to an extraordinary experience of speeding on the track, becoming a privileged audience to enjoy the excitement of the Super Trofeo. Please wait and see, wait for the arrival of December 1st, and all the surprises that will be followed!


About Roger Dubuis

Since 1995, Roger Dubuis has a place in the field of modern fine watchmaking. The brand adheres to the spirit of innovation, and its bold and eye-catching design demonstrates the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and authority in the field of fine watchmaking machinery, playing a pivotal role in the 21st century. Bold innovation and gorgeous elegance are the unique characteristics of the brand, and determination is the driving force for the brand to move forward.The brand has boutiques and exclusive sales networks around the world, and you can find the Excalibur and Velvet collections from Roger Dubuis around the world. In Geneva, the Swiss watchmaker is committed to the pursuit of perfection and has worked tirelessly to develop watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary technology.

Chopard launches a new limited edition L.U.C XP Urushi “Year of the Rooster” special edition watch

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Loyal to the traditions of the past years, this year Chopard Chopard continues to launch the limited edition of the new L.U.C XP Urushi “Chicken Year” special edition with the theme of the Chinese Zodiac. On January 28th, 2017, the chicken year was officially entered into the Chinese lunar calendar, so the chicken became the theme of the dial decoration of this extraordinary painted watch. The dial is hand-finished in Japan by the master of the painting, and this ancient craft masterpiece is combined with the ultra-thin and exquisite new L.U.C watch.

Chopard regularly introduces a L.U.C XP series of Chinese Zodiac theme limited edition watches every year, bringing together the traditional essence of Switzerland, China, and Japan into a timepiece. Switzerland is represented by Chopard Chopard LUC high-end watchmaking and its exquisitely decorated ultra-thin movement; Japan presents a precious enamel painting technique combined with the exquisite craftsmanship of mother-of-pearl inlay; while Chinese culture is displayed on the dial decorated with golden chicken figures. The three merged into a new LUC XP Urushi “Year of the Rooster” painted watch.

The “chicken” in the Chinese zodiac represents the sacred messenger, which indicates that the roar of the coming of the day will scare the devil. It is said that chickens are honest, frank, and witty. They are energetic, strong and unrecognizable, always full of action and indomiwatch spirit. They are good at words and are happy to provide good advice from others. They have innate leadership. Decision making and decisive execution.


These processes require extremely rigorous and meticulous workmanship. Only experienced and experienced craftsmen can master this skill. Because they contribute to the spirit of life, they are committed to improving the craft. Every gesture is required to strive for excellence and perfection. This kind of craftsman attitude and virtue is also the philosophy that Chopard Chopard is obsessed with. Like the previous L.U.C XP Urushi enamel watch, Chopard Chopard worked with its loyal partner Yamada Heiando (the Japanese royal lacquer maker) to create this precious dial. Together with Japanese national treasure lacquer master Kiichiro Masumura, they designed and directed the production of all dials, and were hand-painted by lacquer master Minori Koizumi.

Excellent machinery from the Swiss watchmaking tradition

The precious and profound oriental skills blend with the distinguished Swiss high-end watchmaking, which is the watchmaking process of Chopard Chopard L.U.C. This extraordinary dial is mounted in the LUC XP case, and its slim, well-diameter bezel elegantly complements the masterpieces of Japanese enamel painters and features the outstanding LUC 96.17-L movement.

Tasting Athens watch manager series hollow X watch

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For the Athens watch, exploration is not only a way but also a driving force for progress. At the Geneva International Watch Fair earlier this year, the Athens watch manager series launched a new hollow X watch. Equipped with a brand new self-made movement, the technology is more daring, and the watch’s exquisite charm is reflected in the most challenging hollow design of the fine watchmaking industry. The inner beauty of the watch shines in front of everyone. Hollow X watch, no need to imagine, WYSIWYG.

The Hollow X watch is available in four satin-finished styles, and this matte carbon-gold composite hollow X watch is one of the most amazing. The aerospace-grade carbon cation material used in the watch is a new ultra-light environmentally friendly material that is used in the manufacture of the latest generation aircraft fuselage and wings. Carbon cation materials are made from the edge of aerospace components and therefore reduce the environmental impact of 40% compared to other carbon composites.

The case of the Hollow X watch has been redesigned with a diameter of 43 mm, which is in line with current fashion trends. The geometric structure of the stack is very modern. The X shape formed by the hour markers of 1, 5, 7, and 11 resides in a rectangular frame, and the rectangle is located in the circular bezel. The shape is tangible, disorderly and orderly, and the soft belt is just.

The dial frame is made of rose gold, and the hands and time markers are coated with a luminous coating to ensure a clear view at night.


Tourbillon devise at 6 o’clock


The case of this hollow X watch is very unique. The carbon-gold composite material is formed by welding carbon fiber and gold particles. After complicated processing such as high temperature and high pressure, the low-gloss flickering case is produced, and the wearer can enjoy the black and golden fine lines interlacing. Stunning effect.


The design of the crown is also ingenious and chic, like the rudder shape, engraved with the classic anchor logo of the Athens watch.

The watch is equipped with the brand-made UN-371 manual winding movement. The bold hollow design features a superb ultra-light silicon balance, nickel weights, and self-adjusting micro-sheets. The power reserve can be up to 96 hours, and the remaining power can be read through the window on the back of the barrel.


With a grained calfskin strap, it is more advanced with the marbled case of the watch.

This Athens watch manager series of hollow X watches let us see the spark of three-dimensional and mechanical skills. Whether it is a complex exterior design or a strong and “transparent” movement, the Athens watch once again proves to the world that they are not in a position to be in the watch industry. The official price of the carbon gold matte version of the hollow X watch: 168,000 yuan. If you are looking for such a watch, feel free to wear it in a physical store.

Ultra-thin watch recommendation: comforwatch and classic

The classic design of the ultra-thin watch will always give you extra points and will not be swayed to make you feel uncomforwatch. Wearing it will not get your wrist, don’t worry that it will be a big bag in your cuffs, and the style is classic, not easy to be outdated. Today, I recommend several superwave dress watches for everyone, I hope everyone likes it.


Ultra-thin watch recommended one

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series Q1292520


Comments: This is the latest watch released by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2014. This masterpiece is an extraordinary watchmaking technical achievement, with the thickness of the case of only 4.05 mm, becoming the slimmest watch in the same category. The watch is paired with an ultra-thin rose gold case that is shaped like a blade and has a slimmer appearance. In order to achieve a precious and slim size in each stage of production, the mechanics and watchmakers of the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory carefully studied each component of the movement and the case. However, the pursuit of detail does not detract from the beauty of the watch. The watch is equipped with the same ultra-thin movement and is a further interpretation of the Master Ultra Thin 1907 ultra-thin master watch.


Ultra-thin watch recommended two

Breguet heritage series 5177BA/29/9V6 watch


Watch Comments: Classic design often does not require complicated functions and technology. This Breguet watch adopts the classic big three-pin design, and the silver-gray dial with the Breguet blue steel hands presents a simple beauty. The dark brown crocodile leather strap has positioned this watch as a relatively young and fashionable product, which will be suiwatch for some young and promising young talents, showing its handsome and extraordinary side.


Ultra-thin watch recommended three

Piaget Altiplano Series G0A35130


Watch Comments: Nowadays it is said that the Super Wave watch may have overlooked the Earl, the Earl can now be said to be the owner of the ultra-thin watch, the Earl to push the micro-mechanical technology to the extreme, in the ultra-thin watch The field has created two new records: due to the assembly of the miniature oscillating weight, the movement is only 2.35 mm thick, making it the slimmest self-winding mechanical movement on the market today, and the watch is only 5.25 mm thick. The slimmest model. The three-story silver dial features small seconds at 4 o’clock. This elegant yet minimalist watch is a classic of today.


Summary: The ultra-thin dress watch can be said to be a very classic design, the ultra-thin guarantees the comforwatch wearing of the watch, and the formal wear guarantees the practicality of the watch, so the ultra-thin dress watch is absolutely for the friend who only buys one watch. It is a good choice.

Longines carefully selected the Tanabata couple

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Time throws out the question of love, time sees the growth of love, time also reveals the answer of love, only time, let lovers know how to love. Romantic Tanabata, the famous watch manufacturer Longines in Switzerland adheres to the beautiful prayer of “romantic life, the harmony of music”, selects the pioneer series, Jiayu series, master crafts series, Boya series couples, and witnesses the love between lovers in the wrist time. time.

The Longines Jiayu series of watches, ultra-thin design and simple style, just as simple and pure in the beginning. The iconic ultra-thin design from 1992 continues to this day, the special structure of the separation of the lugs makes the body shape thinner and lighter; the minimalist dial layout fits a variety of styles, and the clear blue sun-patterned dial is injected into the lovers’ wrist. A touch of elegance and vitality.

Lovers join hands with each other, depicting the complete appearance of love and revealing the answer to love. Longines watchmakers series, inheriting the 187-year-old precision watchmaking tradition of Longines, the whole series is equipped with mechanical movements, combining the complex functions of moon phase and timing, integrating the craftsmanship into the second-minute operation, and also seeing the true heart of love.

In love, I understand with sincerity, with patience and tolerance, time creates a tacit understanding, and let each other know how to love each other. Longines Boya series on the watch, stainless steel and rose gold material blend together to achieve classic elegance, but also witness the tacit understanding of lovers. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with a diamond hour mark to interpret the elegant and charming style of women.

Longines pioneers series watches, with precise time and swatch performance, accompanying lovers to join hands to cope with the challenges of love. As the first full range of Longines watches certified by the Swiss Observatory, the single-crystal silicon hairspring is added to the movement to withstand the interference of temperature, magnetic field or air pressure, and has a swatch and accurate travel performance.