About two thousand men’s good watches recommended

Not only are very expensive watches, but also the taste and temperament. The following are some of the watches that are not only expensive, but the quality and appearance are very good. It can be said that the price is high.


About two thousand men’s good watches recommended


  1. Vacheron Constantin


This series of Vacheron Constantin is the most fashionable fashion watch. The appearance of the watch looks generous and looks like a low-key but very temperamental taste. The quality is also good. There is no such thing as this series. It is an automatic movement from the import, and it has been modified several times. According to the whole analysis, it is one grade higher than the quality of the general import, so it is a wrist worth 2,000 watches. watch.


  1. Panerai 438


The Panerai 438 is the only watch made of all ceramics in its brand, so this watch is made of a large number of ceramic materials, whether it is the strap or the body. The classic luxury black material allows Panerai 438 to looks nobler, and it does not appear too arrogant. It is a style that many men love today. It is also a good choice for you to choose a watch with two thousand plus.

  1. Cartier


Cartier is the most common watch brand. It is also recognized as the most gentleman’s watch in the watch industry. The Cartier watch is simple in design and design, so it doesn’t look fashionable, but the style. But it will never be outdated, and the Cartier watch is also very versatile, the style is biased towards a variety of styles, can be very casual, can be business, it also has a sporty atmosphere when needed, the price is not expensive, but Very suiwatch for the choice of the public men.


  1. Herbert Berlin-City Urban Series 19515/14 Men’s Quartz Watch


Modern young people generally like to pursue some simple styles. The same is true for watches. If you are planning to buy a watch that suits you for two thousand plus, then this Herbert-City urban series is 19515/14. The men’s quartz watch is also very good. It has a black dial with a long hour and minute hand design, and then a dozen exquisite strip-shaped time scales are simply created. If you are a minimalist pursuer, Then the two thousand plus watch is perfect for you.


  1. Armani ARMANI-fashion men’s watch series AR1674 quartz men’s watch


Armani can be said to be famous in the fashion world, and the variety of products involved is also very much. This man’s quartz watch, the natural value is not low, it has a stainless steel outer ring, inside is white The dial is retro in style but has a certain sense of ritual. The 12 o’clock position of the watch is the big logo of its home. On the whole, it looks like a simple and elegant shape. The versatile style can also be worn casually regardless of the occasion.


  1. Citizen CITIZEN-Light kinetic energy series BM6753-00A Men’s kinetic energy meter


A brand from Japan – Citizen, it is said that the two thousand plus men’s watch recommended, Xiaobian planted its light kinetic energy series men’s light kinetic energy watch, the shape design is simple and stylish, rose gold created The combination of the case and the sapphire glass mirror is classic and decent. If you are a handsome guy who likes the big dial design, then you must choose it because it has a 40mm large dial shape.


The six men’s watches introduced above are good two-plus-plus watches in terms of value, quality, and price. If you want to choose a cost-effective watch, then you can’t refer to it.

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