Basic knowledge to buy second-hand watches

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people, the total import volume of watches in mainland China has increased year by year. Correspondingly, the second-hand watch market will also change with the fluctuation of the main market. The sale and purchase of second-hand watches have also become the focus of watch enthusiasts. What basic common sense do two watches need to know?

▶ Difference between two watches/refurbishment watch/display watch

Two watches: In a nutshell, as long as they are used, they are called second-hand watches. It includes private transfers, pawnshops, second-hand markets, etc… Some people say that there are second-hand watches, do you have three watches? Yes, from the second-hand market, it is difficult to understand its ins and outs, maybe three Hands, four hands, five hands, even dozens of hands. But no matter how many times these watches have been transferred, they are generally referred to as second-hand watches in the industry.

Refurbished form: First of all, we must treat the renovation correctly, and we must not regard it like a beast. Watches are daily necessities, worn on the hands of the sun, the sun, the rain, the bumps, and bumps, not long after the old. The old watch is worn by you, and once it is handed over to the second-hand line, there is no selling point for such a color. So there is a step to make it fresh, called renovation. In fact, it may not be handed over to the second-hand line. The vast majority of watch service points are to undertake renovation and polishing services. Maintenance and washing oil may also provide a full set of free-standing. There is no selling point for broken things, and everyone likes new things. It can also be seen that the refurbishment of the watch is like pumping weight loss and sheep placenta. As long as it is in an acceptable range, it is not the deep grinding that we say. The actual use is not only unaffected but also makes you wear a more face.

Display watch: Generally, the watches displayed in the watch shop window and the counter are displayed. Because they are put on hold for a long time or for people to try on, these watches may not have the film of the warehouse and may have slight scratches caused by display, display, and transportation. Some are placed on the counter for a long time and are illuminated by spotlights. Some of the dials must be yellowed, luminous failures, etc. But these watches are indeed unofficial and can be called unused products. Because of the small flaws and small marks on the watch, they may be cheaper than the real new watch. It should be noted that there is indeed a new product sold in the market after the watch is polished and refurbished. If you don’t see it, please help yourself!

▶ Accessories for two watches and their impact on sales

Watches are shipped from the factory, regardless of brand level, there will be accessories. What are the specifics? This depends on the brand level. Lower brands, mixed brands, general accessories are boxes, small pillows, brochures, paper sets, etc. … well-known middle section: box (or bucket), manual, warranty card, card model, store The date of sale, etc…. The well-known mid-section brand will also have an independent serial number. A brand of enough level, the general attachment is roughly the same: box, security card, manual, factory attached materials, etc…

The most important thing in the buying and selling process is the insurance card. Its value lies in “identifying identity.” What is identity? It is to prove that the watch is very safe and can be purchased with confidence. Of course, it is not that black cards are not a security card. For example, some people go to Macau to gamble, lose their way, and mortgage their watches, but they will not carry their insurance cards with them… Again, some people go abroad to see the new watches, but the price is beyond the advance. Do you want to sell the old watches directly for a change of funds, you can’t expect them to come back to China to take the insurance card…

If there are really no attachments, not only will the price of the second-hand watches be greatly reduced, but there may be cases where the police station is filed. Therefore, after starting the watch, it is necessary to carefully store the relevant accessories.

▶ Reasons for buying and selling second-hand watches

First of all, because the price is affordable. Some friends seem to be more taboo to talk about this point and think that there is no face. In fact, nothing is embarrassing. The price of most second-hand watches can be 50% lower than the price of the new watch. As long as there is no problem with the watch, saving money can achieve the goal and achieve the ideal, what can’t it be?! Some people say that playing the second-hand watch really knows how to play the watch, which is reasonable.

Secondly, some discontinued styles can only be considered in terms of second-hand, and there are similar antique watches. If you want to buy second-hand, you don’t necessarily buy it!

Finally, the principle of depreciation. Many people who buy second-hand watches will consider whether they will lose money in the future. To be sure, as long as the economy does not fluctuate greatly, not only will it not lose, but it may still earn in a few years.

Buying and selling second-hand watches is not a shameful thing. As long as you grasp the good road, you have some basic understanding of the common sense of watches. If you don’t plant your head, you will be less skilled. Second-hand watches are still very fun~ People who buy second-hand watches don’t have to be experts and experts, but you must have experts, experts, and people who know you to help you buy them with confidence and buy them.

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