What Does A.B.Art’s Cover Swiss Made Mean?

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A.b.art is a Swiss young designer brand. The watch looks fashionable and very popular among young people. Friends who have bought an Abeyance watch should carefully observe the watch, and they will find that there are “SWISS” English words on the back cover of the A.b.art  watch. Many people who are not familiar with the watch often don’t know much about these English. The meaning of the logo, especially the word “SWISS” appears on Swiss watches is extremely high, so what does it mean? The following small series will come to explain for you in detail.

SWISS or SWISS MADE stands for “Made in Switzerland” and Swiss watches generally carry these marks. The status of Swiss watches in the world of watchmaking is unbeawatch, and it is valuable but carries superb watchmaking and watchmaking history. In order to protect this industry that reflects human wisdom and craft value, the Swiss government has made strict guidelines on what is called a “Swiss Made” watch. The most confusing thing is that there is only one word “Swiss”. Most of these watches are brands registered in Switzerland, indicating that the brand is Swiss and the watch may not be made in Switzerland.

The “Swiss” logo is published in 1971 and was implemented in 1992. However, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry was further strictly used in Switzerland on June 2007. The standard new program is voted on.

The program mainly involves Swiss watches and their movements: in terms of watches, at least 80% of the manufacturing value of mechanical watches should be completed in Switzerland and at least 60% of electronic watches. In addition, construction and prototype should be carried out in Switzerland. In terms of movement, at least 80% of the components should be valued in Switzerland, with an electronic movement ratio of 60%.

Swiss Quartz (“Swiss Quartz”) logo:

This mark can only be used on Swiss origin watches, and other non-Swiss watches that use Swiss quartz movements are not authorized.

Swiss original (“Swiss Parts”) logo:

This symbol can be used when the original used in the movement of the watch is made in Switzerland and assembled abroad. But it can only appear on the movement and cannot be used outside the watch under any circumstances.

Swiss Case logo:

The “Swiss Case” logo on the watch box is used in the following conditions: The main process is carried out in Switzerland; the assembly and inspection are carried out in Switzerland; at least 50% of the production process is carried out in Switzerland. If the box is marked with a “Swiss watch box” and the non-Swiss watch is included, the movement or the entire origin of the watch must be affixed to the outer casing of the watch.

Swiss strap logo:

The “Made in Switzerland” can only be indicated on the strap if the watch and the strap are made in Switzerland. Only the main process in Switzerland to complete more than 50% of the strap can be considered to be made in Switzerland. If the Swiss strap is used on a non-Swiss watch, the strap can only be clearly marked on the strap as Swiss, such as the “Swiss strap”.