Tasting Athens watch manager series hollow X watch

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For the Athens watch, exploration is not only a way but also a driving force for progress. At the Geneva International Watch Fair earlier this year, the Athens watch manager series launched a new hollow X watch. Equipped with a brand new self-made movement, the technology is more daring, and the watch’s exquisite charm is reflected in the most challenging hollow design of the fine watchmaking industry. The inner beauty of the watch shines in front of everyone. Hollow X watch, no need to imagine, WYSIWYG.

The Hollow X watch is available in four satin-finished styles, and this matte carbon-gold composite hollow X watch is one of the most amazing. The aerospace-grade carbon cation material used in the watch is a new ultra-light environmentally friendly material that is used in the manufacture of the latest generation aircraft fuselage and wings. Carbon cation materials are made from the edge of aerospace components and therefore reduce the environmental impact of 40% compared to other carbon composites.

The case of the Hollow X watch has been redesigned with a diameter of 43 mm, which is in line with current fashion trends. The geometric structure of the stack is very modern. The X shape formed by the hour markers of 1, 5, 7, and 11 resides in a rectangular frame, and the rectangle is located in the circular bezel. The shape is tangible, disorderly and orderly, and the soft belt is just.

The dial frame is made of rose gold, and the hands and time markers are coated with a luminous coating to ensure a clear view at night.


Tourbillon devise at 6 o’clock


The case of this hollow X watch is very unique. The carbon-gold composite material is formed by welding carbon fiber and gold particles. After complicated processing such as high temperature and high pressure, the low-gloss flickering case is produced, and the wearer can enjoy the black and golden fine lines interlacing. Stunning effect.


The design of the crown is also ingenious and chic, like the rudder shape, engraved with the classic anchor logo of the Athens watch.

The watch is equipped with the brand-made UN-371 manual winding movement. The bold hollow design features a superb ultra-light silicon balance, nickel weights, and self-adjusting micro-sheets. The power reserve can be up to 96 hours, and the remaining power can be read through the window on the back of the barrel.


With a grained calfskin strap, it is more advanced with the marbled case of the watch.

This Athens watch manager series of hollow X watches let us see the spark of three-dimensional and mechanical skills. Whether it is a complex exterior design or a strong and “transparent” movement, the Athens watch once again proves to the world that they are not in a position to be in the watch industry. The official price of the carbon gold matte version of the hollow X watch: 168,000 yuan. If you are looking for such a watch, feel free to wear it in a physical store.

Athens: “The Watches You Wear Must Be Eliminated By Me!”

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Does this watch in Athens represent the tomorrow of the watch industry?

Following the launch of Freak X in Geneva a few months ago, Athens recently launched a new work for the whimsy series, Freak neXt. The watch eliminates the balance of the balance and instead uses a special oscillator instead. The unprecedented release of this unprecedented device has caused a huge hot debate. Like its name “next”, this watch seems to be opening the next chapter of the watch industry.

Say back to the watch itself, people who understand the watch should know that the balance spring is the heart of a watch, providing power for the normal operation of the watch. Our common hairspring is wound into a “mosquito coil” in a circle and a circle. The balance of the hairspring is used to vibrate the balance wheel, thus driving the watch. But Freak neXt removed the “heart” and replaced it with a fan-like oscillator.

The oscillator is made of silicon and consists of four silicon wheel stacks that are “suspended” on the dial. Each of the silicon wheels is equipped with eight blades (the blades are 16 microns in size, which is not to be seen with the naked eye), and the blades are connected to the middle axle. Due to the elasticity of silicon, each blade flexes and vibrates at constant energy, thereby generating power. Its escapement is also made of silicon.

Since this oscillator and escapement are “suspended”, friction can be greatly reduced. And because the vibration frequency of silicon is extremely high, the vibration frequency of this watch has reached an astonishing 12Hz, which is basically three times that of the traditional balance spring. Regarding the relationship between vibration frequency and accuracy, we have used the previous article “The higher the vibration frequency of the watch, the more accurate it is? There are also introductions in it. All in all, such a high frequency of vibration, the improvement brought by precision is also unparalleled.

In addition, Freak next also uses a “grinder” type self-winding system with twice the efficiency of the usual two-way winding. Because the operation between the components is extremely efficient, its storage is higher than the previous whimsical series (we said that the higher the vibration frequency, the lower the storage will be), reaching 70 hours.

The watch has a diameter of 45mm, a thickness of 14.1mm, a case made of platinum and titanium, and a bezel and hands with a luminous coating. However, it is still a concept watch for the time being, and there is no mass production. According to past experience, since Athens dared to release it, mass production should not be far away (Freak Innovation in 2017 took only one year from concept to mass production), let us wait and see.