Breguet Queen of Naples series stainless steel 8967ST – elegant civilian queen!

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Since 1810, Napoleon’s sister, Queen of Naples, Caroline Jura, commissioned Breguet to design the Queen of Naples series. The Queen of Naples series has always been a wrist gift for Breguet to present outstanding women of the era. Over the years, that has eggs. The shape of the case, the Neapolitan series of coins on the side of the case has been made of precious metals, usually inlaid with a variety of jewelry, becoming the brand’s fine jewelry watch. However, in order to be suiwatch for the daily wear of professional women in the new era, Breguet has specially launched this Breguet Queens series stainless steel 8967ST watch!

The Breguet Queen’s Queen Series stainless steel 8967ST watch still features a classic egg-shaped case, and the slightly curved shape makes this watch comfortably wrapped around the wrist. The hemispherical sapphire crystal is anti-glare, which effectively eliminates glare and improves visibility. The case is a two-piece upper and lower structure, secured by six polishing screws, each case numbered separately. All the surfaces of the case are polished to a mirror finish, and the side is a classic Coin-printed decoration. The groove’s outer casing also has a matching groove crown, and the crown is located at an unconventional 4 o’clock position, which avoids the feel of the large crown at the conventional 3 o’clock position. The crown is covered with a large, brightly cut light ash. Color diamonds. However, when worn on the hand, the manual winding is slightly inconvenient.

The dial of the Breguet Queens series stainless steel 8967ST watch is made of natural white mother-of-pearl, which subtly reflects and refracts light and presents bright colors at different angles. The hour markers are mostly small three-dimensional diamonds, distributed on the egg-shaped eccentric inner circle line, but at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, the playful oversized embossed Arabic numerals are designed. Each dial is also individually numbered and printed on the dial, next to the Breguet swashes, with the same number as the case. The end of the blue steel hour and minute hands resembles a raindrop shape. The overall impression of the dial is a compass on an antique map.


The sapphire crystal case back of the Breguet Queens Series stainless steel 8967ST watch reveals the beautiful Breguet 591C automatic movement. The 591C is based on the classic 591A movement, powerful and precise, with a double-barrel, 25 jewels, 4Hz Hz, 183 parts; its 22K gold turret is also decorated with exquisite Button line. The traditional Swiss lever escapement is used, but the screw balance is applied. It is worth mentioning that the balance spring is a silicon flat spring. As we all know, silicon is a high-tech new material with many advantages. Silicon is not affected by magnetic fields and temperature changes. It does not warp due to the pulling force of gravity. It is lighter than steel, has high hardness, is highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and does not require a lubricant. Therefore, maintenance probability is reduced. For women, the benefit of silicon hairspring is that the wearer no longer has to worry about being easily magnetized by the magnetic buckle of the bag!

The Breguet Queens series stainless steel 8967ST watch uses a steel material, but the modern feel of steel replaces the original classical atmosphere, but its classic elegance and refined temperament have not lost. The new style that makes this watch closer to everyday life, ladies can often wear in a variety of occasions.

Breguet Classic Series 5157 Ultra-thin Watch Awarded In Germany

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In 2018, Breguet launched the Classique Classic 5157 ultra-thin watch rose gold, which was awarded the “Best Watch Design Award” by the German “Robo Report” magazine for its classic and elegant design.

The Breguet Classique Classic Collection is known for its never-ending aesthetics, symbolizing the purest Breguet style. This new Classique classic 5157 ultra-thin watch rose gold is the perfect example of this concept. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement and a silicon hairspring. The case is only 5.45 mm thick, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with coins, reflecting the presence of Abraham-Louis Breguet. The elegant charm of the classic chronograph. The silver-plated gold engraved dial features a traditional Parisian style (Clous de Paris). Since the 16th century, the engraving process has always been favored by watchmakers. Originally, engraved flowers were only used to decorate the case. Soon after, Mr. Breeze applied the craft to the dial decoration, and carved the dial into a real artwork, demonstrating his unremitting efforts to create extraordinary craftsmanship. The dial is hand-engraved according to the traditional craftsmanship, and the detail processing is still confidential, and the skill of the craftsmanship is unmatched. As with last year, the engraving process is done by hand engraving machine (for round decoration) or straight hand engraving machine (for straight-line pattern). Today, the engraved flower is still one of the iconic features of the Breguet timepiece. Classique Classic Series 5157 ultra-thin watch rose gold models follow the blue steel Breguet pointer designed by the founder of the brand. Designed in 1783, this slender and elegant hand is very popular. Since then, the “Baoyu pointer” has become a common term used in the watch industry.

The Breguet signature engraved next to the 12 o’clock position is another exclusive feature. When Mr. Breguet discovered that his innovative work was copied by others, he created this signature design. Today, invisible signatures are still a sign of the authenticity of the watch.

The elegant aesthetic design of this watch symbolizes the purest Breguet style, and the jury of watchmaking experts is deeply attracted to it. The aesthetic style created by the founder of the brand, Abraham-Louis Breguet, highlights the unique beauty with simple and refined lines, giving the timepiece a unique charm.