How to identify high imitation watches? How to identify high imitation watches

Nowadays, there are more and more high imitation watches in China. Many imitation manufacturers have introduced high imitation watches of different famous watch brands. So how should we identify high imitation watches? Is there any good way to identify high imitation watches? Introduce the method of identifying high imitation watches for your reference.

Identify high imitation watch methods

Method 1, see the movement

The countries in which the movements are produced in the world mainly include countries with developed watches such as Switzerland, Toyo, and China. According to the movement production and sales situation, the tribute that each brand thinks is appropriate to distinguish the counterfeit and shoddy of the watch.

(1) Watches produced in China, the movements that are considered suitable and used are very complicated. There are Swiss, Oriental and domestic movements. The key is to use a little fake movement to be put into a watch for sale, shoddy, and fortune. People consumers.

(2) Any imported Dongyang watch that is considered suitable for use shall be produced by Toyo. If the movement is found to be a movement produced in Switzerland, China or other countries, the watch is a fake and shoddy good.

(3) The movement of the Swiss watch that is considered to be suitable shall be produced in Switzerland. If you see that the movement is a movement produced by Toyo, China or other countries, then it must be fake.

Method 2, look at the appearance

From the aspect of forgery, the imitation of the appearance is relatively easy. Up to now, the appearance of the parts in the watch on the wrist is relatively long. For example, the Cartier watch produced in France is priced at 3.52 million yuan. Naturally produced diamonds are 36 carats, calculated at 60,000 yuan per carat, and the coordinates of light diamonds are more than 2 million yuan. Because of this, the appearance of counterfeit and shoddy should be reproduced, mainly as described below:

(1) K gold, gold plating, gold plating gold discrimination, and counterfeit: K gold, gold plating, gold plating gold color appearance are yellow, not easy to distinguish, but also easy to fake and shoddy. Such as K gold shell: can have 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, etc., in the absence of spectrometer inspection and measurement of the situation is difficult to distinguish.

(2) Counterfeit and fake of the watch glass: The watch glass used up to now is as follows: plexiglass, ordinary quartz glass, blue jewel transparent crystal glass.

(3) Naturally produced drilling mills, artificially made diamonds, rhinestones (glass drills), etc. Discrimination and counterfeiting: Naturally produced drilling plants are the hardest of all objects and are rated as Class 10 hardness.

Method 3, look at the brand

Nowadays, when people falsify brands, they mainly value those brands that are better for counterfeiting. This is mainly to earn more profits from them. In the logo, the appearance of the original photo of the photo studio, the production is exactly the same, the rough look is impeccable. Even packaging, text descriptions, and death certificates are available. However, the selection of the watch and the brand do not constitute a set of movements or the selection of the components of the zero component. The cost of producing the brand is lower. It is often sold in the market, the price is much lower than the original brand, but there is still a high profit. In the cities where the watch inspection is not perfect, and the non-standard shops are also sold, the users suffer huge losses. In the domestic market, watches such as fake Rolex, fake radar, and fake FIYTA were once revealed.

What is the quality of high imitation watches?

How about the quality of high imitation watches, this question should be based on the actual high imitation watch situation on the market, you must first understand the effect of the best high imitation watch quality can be achieved. Through what is a high imitation watch, we know that there are actually different qualities in quality. In general, it is divided into three categories: ordinary high imitation, fine imitation, and re-engraving. We are here again to analyze the characteristics of these three.

1, no matter how divided, they are all in the category of imitation, which is divided according to quality, can not be used as a genuine sale.

2, their origin is in Guangzhou, and mainly domestic sales.

3, the quality is not the same, the replica watch is better than the fine imitation watch, the fine imitation watch is better than the ordinary high imitation watch.

Going back to the topic of high imitation watch quality, we will find that we can’t generalize the high imitation watch. We have to analyze it according to the actual watch. The worst ordinary high imitation watch, the manufacturer is to pursue sales and profit, the quality is very good. Poor, and basically no after-sales, not recommended to buy, fine imitation watch, the quality is quite good, but the difference in appearance is still not different from the original. For the replica table, the appearance function is basically the same as the genuine one, especially the rapid development of technology in recent years, which is highly sought after by friends at home and abroad. I believe that after the above explanation, I have already had a clear answer to the quality of high imitation watches.


How to distinguish genuine Cartier watches?

1.Observe the Cartier watch LOGO, literally

The most common form of fake watches is the LOGO, especially the LOGO on the surface. You can look at the Cartier watch carefully with a 4x eyepiece. If it is a metal LOGO, the table is generally bright as new, the false LOGO edge Is rough, and some are not regular; if it is a painted word, the surface of the real table is smooth and burr-free, the edge of the fake paint word is slightly opened, and the font There are shades, which can be See is more clearly with 8x eyepieces. It is easy to find traces of handwriting with 8x eyepieces.

2.observe the table mirror, the needle

The famous watch Cartier generally uses sapphire crystals. With the advancement of technology, fake watches have begun to follow suit. The fake watch is also easy to see with a sapphire crystal, because the fake watch will not be coated with an anti-reflection layer On the mirror in order to reduce the cost, let alone the double-layer coating, so the light is reflected in the light, although the dripping is not, but the dripping is not, but It only needs to be illuminated by ultraviolet light, And the reflection is extremely serious. Because of the anti-reflection coating, the real watch has no reflection under strong light and has purple or blue glare.

3.observe the head

The same process is used for the fake watch. The polished process is not uniform. Whether it is plated or gold-plated, there are always different shades. If you look closely, In addition, the Cartier watch has its own specifications, and the fake watch is almost the same, this can Only be seen easily by looking at the appearance of the real watch.

  1. Observe the Cartier bracelet

The work of the Cartier bracelet can clearly see the traces of the handwork, which must be a fake watch. Some of the fake buckle straps of the butterfly buckle are more delicate, but there are rough and unpolished details in the corner of the activity. You can find the flaws if you are careful.

  1. 5.the amount of Cartier weight

Now the fake watch, in order to ensure a high degree of simulation, will use the lead circle in the fake watch to ensure the weight of the fake watch, but you can try the weight of other parts, such as the bracelet part, the At the same time, the general fake Cartier watch is relatively light, even if the lead ring “ballast” is used, but the feeling in the hand is also different.

How to buy a fine imitation watch?

The sales of the imitation watches are the same as the normal business. Although it is a business on the Internet, like the entity, there is a store with powerful players. We call it website on the Internet. The website should be beautiful instead Of If you use a template to do it, only the merchants who are willing to invest will be seriously managed, instead of making a profit.

Secondly, the map inside the merchant We Chat should have its own real shot, instead of turning around everywhere. Only by taking pictures of it, we know that this business is a product that passes through the product, and we have an overall understanding of quality If you are, where is it? If you are a business of re-drawing, I have not seen anything in my own life. With a picture of a mess, it is very likely that they themselves do not know what quality it is

How to identify true and false online shopping watches

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and it is becoming more and more attractive. Many dot shapes that are difficult to find in physical stores can be found through a search on the Internet. What do you need to pay attention to when shopping online? Today we will take a look at online shopping watches. How to identify the true and false of the watch.

Modern timepieces are the culmination of the precision machinery industry and the microelectronics industry. There are thousands of watch brands in the world. According to its quality and price, it can be divided into three categories: high, medium and low. The real name is also within one hundred. The brand-name watches currently on display have a history of one or two hundred years.

How to identify good or bad online shopping watches

  1. Brand identification

Counterfeit watches are usually targeted at high-end brands because the profits are even more impressive. In the manufacture of trademarks, appearances, etc., even the packaging, instructions, and birth certificates are complete. I don’t know if it’s fake.

2, the appearance of identification

At present, the appearance of counterfeiting is very high in the price of watches. If it is a famous brand, the appearance is very good, you need to identify the watch from the nuances.

3, movement identification

At present, the world’s movements are produced by countries such as Switzerland, Japan, and China. According to the production and sales of the movement, it is possible to judge whether the watch is counterfeit or not from the movements used by each brand.

How to identify true and false online shopping watches

1, LOGO identification

The most common form of fake watches is the LOGO, especially the LOGO on the surface. You can look at the work carefully with a 4x eyepiece.

2, surface identification

The watch is generally a sapphire crystal. With the advancement of technology, fake watches have begun to follow suit. False watches are also easy to see with sapphire crystals.

3, the head identification

In general, the fake head is the easiest to expose. The same process is used for the fake watch. The polished coating is not uniform. Whether it is plated or gold-plated, there are always different shades. If you look closely, you can see the white part.

4, back cover identification

The back cover of the imitation watch is not made according to the list. Some (such as OMEGA, AP, etc.) make the original cap made of the gland, and some of the back covers are octagonal or a few screws back, fake In order to save costs, the watch will produce a cap that is non-negative in the shape of a cap.

The warranty card of the watch can generally prove the identity of the watch. Some brand warranty cards have a body (back cover) number, which is consistent with the watch. And the warranty card is nationally available. Everyone can get a store to check.