Lange’s new products

So far, Lange has launched a series of new works, but there seems to be no revolutionary breakthrough. Following this development, this year’s Geneva exhibition is afraid to be taken away by the old rival.

Langematik Perpetual Honey Gold Watch

Diameter: 38.5mm

Thickness: 10.2mm

Case material: honey gold

Movement: L922.1 SAX-O-MAT

Storage: 46 hours

Price: $85,000 (may vary)

The biggest feature is the honey gold material used in the outer shell. This is an alloy with a color between gold and rose gold. The visual effect is very warm.

Datograph series perpetual tourbillon watch

Diameter: 41.5mm

Thickness: 14.6mm

Case material: white gold

Movement: L952.2

Storage: 50 hours

Price: $287,800 (may change)

Datograph’s arrogance does not need to be described, even if it is still the best chronograph in the world (nearly one). This new work uses an attractive squid-colored faceplate, reminiscent of the Patek Philippe 5270P that shined at last year’s Basel show.

Richard Lange lap seconds watch

Diameter: 39.9mm

Thickness: 10.6mm

Case material: white gold

Movement: L094.1

Storage: 42 hours

Price: $75,100 (may change)

Technically, there is no particular change from the previous generation, and the platinum case and the dial with black and white red are relatively fresh. Especially the color of the disk brings a sense of modern industrial style.

ZEITWERK series date watch

Diameter: 44.2mm

Thickness: 12.3mm

Case material: white gold

Movement: L043.8

Storage: 72 hours

Price: $96,700 (may change)

Ten years ago, Lange launched the digital watch series, nicknamed “Owl”, with amazing results. At this year’s Geneva exhibition, this latest owl is one of the few highlights of Lange. Due to the replicas of large digital discs, it is difficult to make a traditional date display, so the designer has taken a different approach and replaced it with a glass date ring. The 4-point button can also be used to adjust the hour separately for added convenience.