Parfois Watch Introduction

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How about Parfois watches

Summer affordable watch Parfois limited edition watch has always liked Parfois feel cost-effective, her home is easy to get out of print. After buying two out-of-print packages, I also got this watch. Work feels good, and it is very swatched for summer blue with small watermelon, can be sprouted, the box is really super quality is not like 200+.

Parfois gradient green watch, this watch is really super beautiful, soft and soft light green spread on the dial, with a warm white strap, fried chicken small fresh style, wearing on the hand like wearing the whole spring ~ I have always felt that the Parfois’s watch is underestimated, and the color shots are really brighter than the bags. I recommend it to everyone. Recently, it’s more cost-effective to start a game with a duck.

The details are in the taste, and the gorgeous elegance that is inadvertently revealed is the temperament. And the one that gives you this temperament is not a watch. However, the price of luxury cars is daunting, and cheap cards like DW are bad. That list of small pockets with high value and good price is definitely worth your collection.

Born in Porto, Spain, the fast-fashion brand is famous for its exquisiteness. It is inspired by the inspiration of architecture, art and street fashion culture. It is flexible and has about 3,500 items per season. The brand’s watches are creative and each has a surprisingly small surprise. Simple, stylish, trendy, street style… But the style that can be imagined can basically find the corresponding type of watch in Parfois.

Parfois watches are priced between 200-500 yuan.

A niche brand in Spain, there is no counter in the country, mainly based on women’s accessories and shoe bags, and the design is very distinctive. Products can be found in a treasure. I don’t think there is any inferiority to DW. DW is over-fired by bloggers and it is easy to hit on the street. In short, I have been secretly observing for a long time, it is worthy of the student party to buy.