How to discriminate an replica of watches?

Nowadays, many world-renowned watch brands have fine replica watches in China. There is no difference between basic and genuine products. So how do we distinguish the fine replica watches? Today I will share the method of distinguishing the replica watches. Let’s learn together Let’s go.

How to identify a boutique watch

The model is not made according to the proportion of the original table. The ratio to the original table is 1.1:1, and the appearance is wider than the original table. In the multi-function mechanical watch, the ordinary high replica watch does not realize the complicated functions such as running seconds because of the installation of the domestically-made simple movement. This is easy to distinguish, and the ordinary replica table can be done on the opposite polishing If the non-professionals careful observe the movement, they can see that the domestically produced ordinary movement is dim, and it is necessary to Identify the origin and model of the movement to the professional maintenance location.

What is the quality of a boutique watch?

The fine replica watches belong to the high replica watches and is a high replica watches with better quality. Fine replica watches belong to high replica watches, but unlike ordinary high replica watches, the quality of fine replica watches has to be upgraded to a higher grade In terms of size design, it is closer to authentic than the high replica table. The movement has more to choose the seagull movement or other stable Japanese movements such as the most famous 9015 movements. The steel on the material is at least 314 steal And the mirrors are all changed to sapphire mirrors. The structure of the whole table is better. If it is a quartz watch, the outer material is basically the same as the mechanical watch. The movement uses a Japanese quartz movement or Swiss quartz. In fact, there is no difference in performance between the two, but Switzerland sounds better.


How much is Panerai replica watch?

Many friends who are playing high replica watches are paying attention to the price of Panerai fine replica watches. If you want to buy a Panerai replica watch, then let us first understand the price of Panerai fine replica watches.

Panerai replica watch price

According to the quality of the Panerai replica table, we generally divide the replica table into the ordinary high replica, general fine replica, and top fine replica table.

The most common high replica watches are what we call the goods. The quality is very poor. The price ranges from tens of pieces to hundreds of pieces. The work is very fake and it is easy to use a few days.

The price of the fine replica table ranges from a few hundred to a thousand. Although the quality is better than the ordinary high replica table, the work of the details is also a little worse. It is not recommended for everyone to buy.

The top fine replica table is what we call a one-to-one repetitive watch. The price is usually around 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. Although the price is higher than the ordinary replica table, the quality is more guaranteed, so you can buy more confidence.

How to buy top-class fine-cut Panerai watches?

In fact, the sales of replica watches are the same as the normal business. Although it is a business on the Internet, like the entity, there is a store with strong strengths. We call it a website on the Internet. Rather than just using a template to do it, only the merchants who are willing to invest will be seriously managed, rather than making a profit and leaving.

Secondly, the map inside the merchant WeChat should have its own real shot, instead of turning around everywhere. Only by taking pictures of it, we know that this business is a product that passes through the product, and we have an overall understanding of quality. Where is it done, where is it? If you don’t do well, you can tell the details. If it is a business of re-drawing, I have not seen anything in my own life. With a picture of a mess, it is very likely that they themselves do not know what quality it is.