Roger Dubuis 2014 Christmas Selection Awards

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When the snow of Christmas lighted the reindeer’s agility, the splendid church began to stage a scene of sincere and beautiful movements: the tall dome was brightly lit, and the kindly priest led the holy choir to present to the world with a pure voice. A quiet night, the graceful and graceful name of the gentleman sits on the bench of the church, devoutly telling the good wishes for the coming life.

With the festive occasion of Christmas and peace, Roger Dubuis chose four exquisite timepieces, playing a beautiful Christmas repertoire in the extraordinary mechanical world, and the mechanical toughness and harmony. The precision and excellence of the timepiece go hand in hand, turning the wonderful craft into a full tree gift in full bloom next to the fireplace, letting you say goodbye to the old years and embrace the new time in this blessed moment.

La Monégasque Monte Carlo Self-winding Watch (RDDBMG0026)

The red and green contrasting La Monégasque Monte Carlo self-winding watch is like a very experienced Santa Claus, with the most sincere blessings to present a happy Christmas time. The collections are full of the richness of the gaming world, and the replica of the casino’s dial design reflects the unique character of Monaco’s resort Monte Carlo. Its elegant shape and long-lasting, chic lines open up a broad vision, with bold and elegant extraordinary temperament. The watch’s barrel-shaped case is unique, with a rose gold satin ray pattern in the center of the dial and a black-edged rose gold satin scale. The 12-hour rose gold figure insert adds a classic timepiece. The bright red scale and the black whirl pattern small seconds are embellished, and the rhythm of the satin is perfectly balanced. It makes the time shine on the wrist. Combining the beauty of power and tranquility, the fearless time baptism, let the top watchmaking process and gorgeous Elegant and dazzling, and achieve the glory of honor.

The Hommage collection symbolizes the brand’s core world – the extraordinary recovery of “extraordinary machinery”, which has made an impressive modern interpretation of the long history of watchmaking. The whole body of the rose gold with geometric lines The vivid Roman numerals, like the magnificent church in the night, adhering to the rich heritage of the wrist building, proud of the immortal posture of the inner faith. This watch has a strong personal imprint and expresses its unparalleled respect and respect to the classic fine watchmaking heritage of the founder, Roger Dubu. The limited-edition tourbillon is perfectly matched with the super-high-reading large calendar display, and the fascinating bow-shaped power reserve display effectively indicates the winding status of the watch. The extended lugs, the sunken bezel, and the long Roman numerals perfectly match the new realm of clear design and refined aesthetics. The back of the limited edition of 208 watches is engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis to express his highest respect for the distinguished professional career of Roger Dubuis.

Roger Dubuis 2014 Christmas Selection Awards

The Velvet name series is full of charm and elegance. This Haute Couture limited edition watch perfectly presents the feminine beauty of a woman. It is like a noble name that is free to control the different stages of life. It is full of glory in the spotlight, and it is gentle and quiet in the private moment. It is gorgeous and simple. , showing the ultimate temptation. The case is a combination of barrel and round, showing a special visual effect. The watch is paired with a well-trimmed pure suede strap that perfectly complements the pure white luster of the white gold dial and the 496 brilliant-cut diamonds (total weight 4.34 carats), which are as beautiful as the snow. The innovative innovation of the central barrel-shaped dial features two sapphire crystal mirrors, one carrying a unique metal Roman numeral and the other supporting the hands, as if immortal imprints on the peerless watch. This watch has a clear line, soft and exquisite, and is the perfect product to be awarded the Geneva Seal.

The Excalibur King series has created a timeless model and Peugeot with its extraordinary detached design. The hollowed-out watch design allows complex mechanical structures to be presented in front of everyone, and the artistic lines of art are inextricably designed. The white crocodile leather strap is like white snow around the wrist, clear and clear. The open tourbillon is a rhythmic display of the trajectory of time, and the 60 square-cut diamonds (approx 1.95 carats) set in the bezel give off a dazzling luster and light up a happy Christmas night. On the peaceful and peaceful Christmas Eve, the watch is tied to the wrist, like a holy singer-songwriter, offering a quiet night sky to the world with the ultimate voice, and presenting you with exquisite craftsmanship through Roger Dubuis’ extraordinary mechanical world. Christmas, remember every moment of celebration.

All models of Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis are fully compliant with the latest standards set by the Geneva Seal. The “Geneva Seal” is an official certification issued by the Canton of Geneva. Only a handful of watchmakers have been awarded this honor, which is the official guarantee for the normal operation and precise function of the watch. This certification also proves that the watch movement is entirely handmade, assembled and calibrated in Geneva and meets the most stringent standards of the watch industry. Roger Dubuis is the only watch manufacturer that produces all movements in accordance with the Geneva Seal Certification.