How to identify true and false seagull watches

Watches have always been a symbol of status, and have changed from the necessities of the past to the decorations of today. Seagull watches have a wide range of supporters in China. And the fake and fake sellers have long been a long time, then let’s Take a look at how the seagull watch identifies true and false.

View seagull watch logo

The most common form of fake watches is the LOGO, especially the LOGO on the surface. You can look at the work carefully with a 4x eyepiece. If it is a metal LOGO, the table is generally bright as new, the false LOGO edge is Rough, and some are not regular; if it is a painted word, the surface of the real table is smooth and burr-free, the edge of the fake paint word is slightly opened, and the font There are shades, which can be seen More clearly with 8x eyepieces.

View Seagull Watch Back Cover

The back cover of the replica watch is not made according to the name list. Some (such as OMEGA (10% off the whole game, minimum 17700 yuan), AP, etc.) have the original cap made into a gland. Interested friends Some wish the pay covers, the fake watch can produce a cap that is non-deformed in the Shape of a cap.

Feeling seagull watch weight

Now the fake watch, in order to ensure a high degree of simulation, will use the lead circle in the fake watch to ensure the weight of the fake watch, but you can try the weight of other parts, such as the bracelet part, At the same time, the general fake watches are relatively light, even if the lead ring “ballast” is used, but the feeling in the hand is also different.

View Seagull Watch Number

The watch factory has its own fixed labeling rules and has a serial number of its table. According to the number, the specification and model of the meter can be found even the date and place of sale. The fake watch only uses one number, even the number of the real table appears in different positions of the table, and the fake appears only on the back cover of the watch.

View Seagull Watch Microscope

The watch is generally a sapphire crystal. With the advancement of technology, fake watches have begun to follow suit.

The fake watch is also easy to see with a sapphire crystal, because the fake watch will not be coated with an anti-reflection layer on the mirror in order to reduce the cost, let alone the double-layer coating, so the light is reflected The the the the the the the Light and has purple or blue glare.

View Seagull Watch Movement

Just pick up and listen to the ear, almost all of the slow ticking, and now most of the real table is more than 28800 frequency, but many real watches also have a slow pendulum, so this is just one of them.