2019 TAG Heuer Calella CALIBER 16 chronograph review

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In 2019, TAG Heuer added four new Calella Calibre 16 watches with an improved design to expand the legendary Carrera Carrera collection.

TAG Heuer Carrera has always focused on designing timepieces for racing drivers and, of course, timepieces that many watch lovers love. The brand’s design has always been based on a combination of tradition and innovation. The style of the new enhanced watch is more modern, not only improves the readability of the dial but also makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear, from a busy office to a casual weekend. The improved 41mm TAG Heuer Calella Calibre 16 combines performance with a sporty, sleek look that is both stylish and comforwatch.


These new design features make this exquisite chronograph stand out from its predecessors. The four watches are available in two-panel colors: black and blue, with fluorescently-marked rhodium-plated hour markers and hands. This contrast between the dial and the scale is ideal for drivers to read while driving. Compared to the older models, the counters on the three small dials of the chronograph became larger and more conspicuous.


Comparison of new and old Calella chronograph dials

The hour markers are cleverly filled with luminescent materials instead of using SuperLuminova® dots at each indicator, which allows the wearer to get the best visibility under any conditions. In addition, a small additional amount of additional color enhances the overall appearance of the watch. On the black dial, the red tone highlights the tip of the central seconds and small hands and the start/stop button and the dial outer ring at 12 to 3 o’clock. On the blue dial, the red tone turns orange.


A further difference between the new and the old models is in the stainless steel case, which is made to look thinner and smoother due to the shorter lugs and smooth brushed and polished surfaces, making the watch more dynamic. The newly modified lug length and style make the watch really more comforwatch than the old one. The black and blue ceramic bezels are also larger because the bezel no longer has a metal ring along the outer edge. This change highlights the sporty look of this elegant watch.


I think the most striking of the four new models are the CBM2112.FC6455 with a blue disc and a light brown leather strap. The strap of this watch is made of perforated calfskin, the stitching and lining are the same oranges as the dial, and the light brown strap is in perfect contrast to the blue dial. Of course, the blue and black panels are also available in stainless steel bracelets. The black dial with a perforated black leather strap with red stitching.


Powered by the new model is the Calibre 16 automatic movement, with the TAG Heuer logo and Carrera printed on the center of the stainless steel stamped back. In addition, if you look closely, the crown is slightly upgraded and the center groove is sprayed. The black lacquer and the surface are printed with the TAG Heuer Logo.


Summary: The TAG Heuer Carrera series was first born in 1963. Thanks to the connection with the racing world, the series continues to grow and the Calella collection has become one of the brand’s most popular and well-known collections. Designed for professional racers, the Calella series is named after the famous and dangerous Carrera Panamericana event, which is only the bravest riders. The word Carrera means “race” or “professional”, and the bold, innovative and tough watch with this name will certainly be loved by those who do things in their own way, whether on the track or on their own. The road to life.

Pilots That Can’t Dive Are Not Good Racing Watches

At this barth, TAG Heuer will introduce a new product with a carbon composite hairspring. This carbon composite hairspring is the latest black technology from TAG Heuer and was officially unveiled in January this year. Compared with the old metal hairspring and the more “new” silicon hairspring, the carbon composite hairspring has a very low density and is, therefore, less affected by gravity and impact; the geometry of the hairspring facilitates concentric oscillations, thereby improving accuracy. Degree; combined with aluminum alloy balance wheel, the temperature resistance is also stronger.

At this year’s Pakistan Exhibition, TAG Heuer did not accidentally take this hairspring as the mainstay. Let’s take a look at which new product is responsible for this important task.

Autavia Collection

That’s right, it’s Autavia. A friend who is familiar with the history of TAG Heuer should have heard about this term. The name Autavia is derived from the acronym for the words “automobile” and “aviation”, which originally represented the instrument panel timer used in racing cars and aircraft between 1933 and 1957. In 1962, TAG Heuer, the head of TAG Heuer, decided to name his chronograph, which means that the watch can be used both as a racing watch and as a flight watch. It is said that this Autavia chronograph is indeed worn by professional racers, and is also the military watch of the Kenyan and Argentine Air Forces. It is in line with the theme of “the two flowers of the racing plane” – as for the true and false, I can not verify It is.

Australia’s history of evolution

This year, the name was taken from the Archives by Tagay Hoya and a new series, Autavia, was formed.

The new era of Autavia

The series includes a total of 7 watches. It has a diameter of 42mm and is equipped with a Caliber 5 movement. The biggest feature is the use of the carbon composite material spring mentioned at the beginning of the article. Now the hairspring has a formal name: Isograph. It is said that the word comes from the Greek word, meaning “equal”, which symbolizes the stability of this hairspring. Its specific innovations have been introduced at the beginning of the article. However, the slightest flaw is that the movement is only 38 hours.

Isograph carbon composite hairspring

In terms of appearance, the new products of the Autavia series are no longer the previous chronographs, but the design of the big three-pin design, the wide sword-shaped needle, the calendar opening window instead of the 6 o’clock position, and 60 minutes. The bi-directional rotating bezel has an enlarged crown. If the Autavia in the 1960s was still a racing watch, the shape of the Autavia is now biased towards the pilot’s watch and even the diving watch. It is a pity that the waterproof depth is only 100 meters, and it is not very swatch for diving.

In addition, these 7 watches also played with flowers and materials. The case is made of stainless steel and bronze. The bezel is made of ceramic. The dial is available in blue, black, gray, brown and green with a gradient effect.

The back of the watch is made of titanium and is printed with a pattern of propellers and tires, symbolizing the flight watch and the racing watch.

Finally, the Autavia collection is equipped with a variety of straps, and the straps of each watch are interchangeable. It includes calf leather belts, steel belts and NATO belts in various colors. The wearer can change the strap at any time.

The time to market is still unclear, and the price is around 30,000 yuan. It is said that there will be no limit.

From this series, you can see three trends:

  1. Technology. Isograph carbon composite hairspring is one of the rare technological innovations at this exhibition. On the momentum, Defy Inventor seems to be bigger than it is, and the degree of innovation is higher. However, the mass production capacity of the watch is not strong, and the price is more than 100,000 yuan, and it is still from the civilian population. A little distance; TAG Heuer has set the price at 30,000 yuan and does not seem to be limited (the price of this watchis not limited), which means its mass production capacity Very strong. Looking at the history of human industry, we can know whether new technology can be popularized. The final key is whether it can break through the barrier of “low-cost mass production”. From this perspective, TAG Heuer’s Isograph carbon composite hairspring is expected to be widely popularized in the private sector. , bringing a new breath to the bezel
  2. Material. In addition to the steel shell, the Autavia series also uses a bronze shell. I believe that everyone is familiar with copper shells recently, and more and more brands use this material. I estimate that in the recent period, the trend of bronze watches will not decline, but will become more and more prosperous.
  3. tiger tag Heuer is the mainstay of this series and I found that although it is called Octavia it is actually biased towards the flight watch style. it should be known that tag Heuer has always been the mainstay of the sports culture. there are not many hunters for this area of ​​the pilot watch. this time it shows a strong desire to march into the field of flight watches. it is expected that the brand will have more pilots in the future so everyone will wait and see. after this batch of new products came out there was no dispute in the middle of the watch. some people like its design and some people think that the storage is too low or the price is high. what do you think?