Ultra-thin watch recommendation: comforwatch and classic

The classic design of the ultra-thin watch will always give you extra points and will not be swayed to make you feel uncomforwatch. Wearing it will not get your wrist, don’t worry that it will be a big bag in your cuffs, and the style is classic, not easy to be outdated. Today, I recommend several superwave dress watches for everyone, I hope everyone likes it.


Ultra-thin watch recommended one

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series Q1292520


Comments: This is the latest watch released by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2014. This masterpiece is an extraordinary watchmaking technical achievement, with the thickness of the case of only 4.05 mm, becoming the slimmest watch in the same category. The watch is paired with an ultra-thin rose gold case that is shaped like a blade and has a slimmer appearance. In order to achieve a precious and slim size in each stage of production, the mechanics and watchmakers of the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory carefully studied each component of the movement and the case. However, the pursuit of detail does not detract from the beauty of the watch. The watch is equipped with the same ultra-thin movement and is a further interpretation of the Master Ultra Thin 1907 ultra-thin master watch.


Ultra-thin watch recommended two

Breguet heritage series 5177BA/29/9V6 watch


Watch Comments: Classic design often does not require complicated functions and technology. This Breguet watch adopts the classic big three-pin design, and the silver-gray dial with the Breguet blue steel hands presents a simple beauty. The dark brown crocodile leather strap has positioned this watch as a relatively young and fashionable product, which will be suiwatch for some young and promising young talents, showing its handsome and extraordinary side.


Ultra-thin watch recommended three

Piaget Altiplano Series G0A35130


Watch Comments: Nowadays it is said that the Super Wave watch may have overlooked the Earl, the Earl can now be said to be the owner of the ultra-thin watch, the Earl to push the micro-mechanical technology to the extreme, in the ultra-thin watch The field has created two new records: due to the assembly of the miniature oscillating weight, the movement is only 2.35 mm thick, making it the slimmest self-winding mechanical movement on the market today, and the watch is only 5.25 mm thick. The slimmest model. The three-story silver dial features small seconds at 4 o’clock. This elegant yet minimalist watch is a classic of today.


Summary: The ultra-thin dress watch can be said to be a very classic design, the ultra-thin guarantees the comforwatch wearing of the watch, and the formal wear guarantees the practicality of the watch, so the ultra-thin dress watch is absolutely for the friend who only buys one watch. It is a good choice.