Chopard launches a new limited edition L.U.C XP Urushi “Year of the Rooster” special edition watch

Loyal to the traditions of the past years, this year Chopard Chopard continues to launch the limited edition of the new L.U.C XP Urushi “Chicken Year” special edition with the theme of the Chinese Zodiac. On January 28th, 2017, the chicken year was officially entered into the Chinese lunar calendar, so the chicken became the theme of the dial decoration of this extraordinary painted watch. The dial is hand-finished in Japan by the master of the painting, and this ancient craft masterpiece is combined with the ultra-thin and exquisite new L.U.C watch.

Chopard regularly introduces a L.U.C XP series of Chinese Zodiac theme limited edition watches every year, bringing together the traditional essence of Switzerland, China, and Japan into a timepiece. Switzerland is represented by Chopard Chopard LUC high-end watchmaking and its exquisitely decorated ultra-thin movement; Japan presents a precious enamel painting technique combined with the exquisite craftsmanship of mother-of-pearl inlay; while Chinese culture is displayed on the dial decorated with golden chicken figures. The three merged into a new LUC XP Urushi “Year of the Rooster” painted watch.

The “chicken” in the Chinese zodiac represents the sacred messenger, which indicates that the roar of the coming of the day will scare the devil. It is said that chickens are honest, frank, and witty. They are energetic, strong and unrecognizable, always full of action and indomiwatch spirit. They are good at words and are happy to provide good advice from others. They have innate leadership. Decision making and decisive execution.


These processes require extremely rigorous and meticulous workmanship. Only experienced and experienced craftsmen can master this skill. Because they contribute to the spirit of life, they are committed to improving the craft. Every gesture is required to strive for excellence and perfection. This kind of craftsman attitude and virtue is also the philosophy that Chopard Chopard is obsessed with. Like the previous L.U.C XP Urushi enamel watch, Chopard Chopard worked with its loyal partner Yamada Heiando (the Japanese royal lacquer maker) to create this precious dial. Together with Japanese national treasure lacquer master Kiichiro Masumura, they designed and directed the production of all dials, and were hand-painted by lacquer master Minori Koizumi.

Excellent machinery from the Swiss watchmaking tradition

The precious and profound oriental skills blend with the distinguished Swiss high-end watchmaking, which is the watchmaking process of Chopard Chopard L.U.C. This extraordinary dial is mounted in the LUC XP case, and its slim, well-diameter bezel elegantly complements the masterpieces of Japanese enamel painters and features the outstanding LUC 96.17-L movement.

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