Esprit Watch Introduction

Esprit is a fashion brand that covers clothing, watches, accessories, shoes, etc.

Esprit is a fashion brand in the United States, covering clothing, watches, accessories, shoes, etc., was established in 1964. Esprit is an international fashion brand. The styles that are made are more in line with the younger and more swatch feelings. The price is not very expensive, not fancy, and it is more swatch for a white-collar office. Quality is still guaranteed.

Esprit is an international young lifestyle brand that offers stylish, affordable clothing and adds new touches and style to life. Esprit operates more than 800 retail stores directly in the world and markets the world through 14,000 wholesalers. Esprit has a worldwide sales site covering more than 1.1 million square meters in more than 40 countries. What Esprit is shaping for customers is not just the clothing that hangs on the body, but also a way of life, an attitude towards life, a feeling of self.

Esprit’s image begins with esprit’s horizontal “E” mark, a watch mark that can be found at Esprit retail stores in 46 countries around the world. The design of the mark shows the young, lively, interesting and creative side of Esprit. Based on the consistent style of keeping this mark simple, clear and outstanding, Esprit always innovates design ideas and cooperates with the principle of “often different, no change”. The Esprit mark appears regularly in different colors or words, giving customers a refreshing feeling.

Esprit, English is ESPRIT. Watches are generally made in the United States, and there are few such brands in mainland China. Singapore, Hong Kong, and other Southeast Asian countries are very popular. The price of watches is different, the mechanical watch is more expensive, about RMB2000, and the battery drive is generally around 1000

ESPRIT (Esprit) is a fashion brand owned by Esprit Holdings Limited. Founded in 1964 in San Francisco, California, USA, ESPRIT is now branded in 1979.

Count the high-end brand, it is recommended to buy when the discount, this discount is very strong.

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