Forrest Introduction

The Forrest watch brand comes from the hand of Thai designer Mink Thepsawarin and has won numerous design awards. The designer himself has been pursuing European niche design and concentrating on designing products in the country. Every watch from Forrest is unique and made from natural materials. The design of the Forrest watch is about art, about nature, and the little friends who like nature and natural design will love it. All products are simple and refined, full of texture. There are not many existing styles, but they are all classic. Forrest’s dial face has no time or any fine design, only a simple hour and minute hand, and a low-key brand name on the hour hand. The designer moved the turf, natural rock, and wood to the dial, and the rare design surprised people, reflecting the designer’s pursuit of beauty and nature.

The price of the forrest watch is between 79 and 109 knives.

FORREST watches come from Thailand and is filled with a fresh and fresh atmosphere. Adhering to the craftsmanship of traditional Thai craftsmen, it is hand-built. Forrest’s watches are very special, full of design, simple and smooth shape, using wooden and grass to create a watch, especially for people who like literature and fresh and natural.

Forrest watch classic series

Turf series

The turf series gives a fresh feeling, and this kind of creativity makes people feel simple and relaxed. The turf is made of artificial, but the brand has been studying the use of fresh grass to make the surface, I hope everyone can feel the taste of nature. Think about looking at the green dial in the race against time, can you soothe your heart?

Wood series

The famous natural wood series has been continuously improved, from the original horizontal stripes to the current texture of fine wood. The movement is a quartz watch movement from Japan’s Miyota, which is extremely waterproof and durable.

Natural rock series

The natural rock pattern series has the strongest texture, and each one is different. It reveals a sense of high-grade from the inside out and forms a contrast with the slightly sporty strap, which has a humanized beauty.

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