How about a ROSDN watch? Is the quality good?

When it comes to ROSDN watches, everyone is familiar with them. ROSDN carries hundreds of years of watch technology, with superb watchmaking time and exquisite quality. Let’s talk about where the watch can be reflected in the ROSDN watch.


  1. Movement

The movement of the ROSDN watch is mainly based on the Swiss Ronda movement. Its movement has a display function of electric power and adopts advanced technology to make the watch to the fullest extent. Of course, when the display battery display is quickly consumed, it must be replaced with a dedicated battery.


  1. Steel chain


The steel chain of the ROSDN watch is also made of special steel. The surface is very bright and its characteristics and luster are also reflected, which perfectly presents a high-end quality. The steel chain of the Lawton watch also has such good rust and corrosion resistance, and the price is very high.




The surface glass of the ROSDN watch is not simple. It is a glass shape that has been cut by sapphire. Its hardness is very high, and it has wear-resistant and unbreakable effects. This is also one of the benefits of the ROSDN watch, which is loved by many people.


  1. Diamond


When you hear a diamond, you know that it is an expensive item, and of course, the hardest thing in the world and the ROSDN watch uses expensive diamonds. In the variants of many ROSDN watches, we will see one or two diamonds. It can not only reflect the value of ROSDN but also fully demonstrate that ROSDN is indeed a good watch.


  1. Tungsten steel


Tungsten steel is the hardest alloy in alloys. Compared to diamonds, diamonds have a natural hardness, while tungsten steel is a synthetic hardness. However, after polishing tungsten steel, its luster can be as dazzling as diamonds, and the price is countless. The use of such tungsten steel in ROSDN watches greatly enhances the noble feeling of the watch, and the quality problem is not a problem at all.


Conclusion: In general, ROSDN watches are made of high-end watches made of the finest materials. The quality is really not blowing, although it is expensive but also worth the money.


Ok, the quality content of the ROSDN watch to be introduced today is here first. Thank you for reading!

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