How about the MG watch? How is the MG watch?

Based on the quality first, the dignitaries actively create and strive for the spirit of perfection. In order to satisfy the needs of consumers in the pursuit of success and noble taste, they have always passed on the classics in 133 spring and autumn, interpreting professional Swiss watchmaking culture and designing countless nobles. Timeless classic works. The so-called classic art design can last forever through the test of the times, and the fine work can achieve the top pursuit of quality. The real innovation is more resistant to the migration of time than the current trend. Like many watch companies with a long history, the time of the engravings, bearing in the brilliance, the MG is presented to the public.

In the spring of 1879, at a giant banquet, Cuthbert Keynes met Absalom Macpherson, who designed jewelry for the royal family. The two met at the same time. After two or three years of contact, the two were The watch technology has a common language, so the watchmaking factory was formally established in 1882, and the Manjaz watch company, Cuthbert Keynes and Abu Solon McPherson were registered with the authorities. (Absalom Macpherson) has cooperated with each other. Since its establishment, it has been instilling the spirit of quality first, actively creating and striving for perfection, and instilling in their friendship and mutual culture promoted The brand of Manjaz has grown and developed over the past five years. The Manjaz watch company has gradually gained favor from the industry, and its reputation has spread rapidly in the Swiss watch industry. With the technology of the famous watch, It is a mature classic, and every MG is designed to be a precious and timeless classic. It has become a treasure that the royal family members and noble gentlemen have led.

In 1884, it was an important beginning for the MG to the world. The watch core produced by the MG’s movement factory won the first place in the Neuchâtel Observatory’s precision timekeeping test competition. The award is a symbol of the global sales of watches and clocks. At the same time, the company’s watch products are a well-known watch badge, which has established a strong position in the Swiss watch industry.

In 1888, Cuthbert Keynes took 18 months of fine work and finally produced the first scale-carved shell, hand-wound, open-top pocket watch, so this precious and ancient combination The scale watch pocket watch La ēcaille officially came out. It was once a special timing tool for senior officers of the Spanish Navy.

In 1931, Manjaz was the first wristwatch with a constant-motivation core “La Auto Ma”.

Between 1940 and 1959, the Manjaz watch was awarded a certificate issued by Kew Teddington, the UK’s authoritative testing department, and the Neuchâtel Observatory in Switzerland.

In 1967, Esmond Keyes, the grandson of Keynes, graduated from the Paris Watch School and resolutely joined the Manjaz watch company. Since childhood, he has received a good education and baptism of the family’s fine traditions, plus talent. Although he first entered the field of watches, he fully demonstrated his ability and talent in watchmaking, so he soon became an excellent watch technician.

In 1978, after more than a decade of experience, Esmond Keyes officially took over the prestigious family business. Then, the ideals and ambitions of Esmond Keyes finally To be able to display, first move the factory from La Chaux-de-Fends to Solothurn, a province with abundant human resources and developed transportation. Adopt modern company management system and mechanized production methods to introduce cutting-edge Professional watchmaking technology and instruments, using the new division of labor system for assembly work, improve efficiency, skill, and quality, and produce watches with precise, accurate, high quality and reasonable price.

Esmond Keyes is a master of watchmaking on antique watches. Especially on antique pocket watches, he has inspired him a lot of creativity and can be flexibly implemented in his own works. The clock with its own name is engraved with the Latin word “Invenit Fecit” (invention and creation); on the other hand, Esmond Keyes is a successful entrepreneur, he is adhering to The family’s visionary and strategic tradition has been to expand the Far East sales market while consolidating the European and American markets. In a trade meeting in the Balsthal region, Esmond Keyes met Fluri Hubert, and the two quickly established a close relationship in the Far East market. Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia have established offices to focus on the local business development of the MG, and respond closely to market requirements.

The beauty of the quiet years, inheriting the classics of the centuries. After three generations of unremitting efforts, the Manjaz watch has always been the same, adhering to the spirit of quality first, actively creating, striving for perfection, constantly improving the watchmaking process, a group of outstanding MGs hand in hand Cooperate to work together to produce high-quality and high-level watches and clocks to meet the test of the new era.

In 1992, ARTAX WATCH LTD officially entered into a partnership with the Keyes Family and was officially commissioned by the Cairns family, Flori Hubert. With years of experience, Fluri Hubert led the MG to overcome challenges and create international The market, especially the market in the Far East, has achieved remarkable results.

As a traditional Swiss brand, MG is always maintaining the consistently high quality of the Swiss watch industry. In the face of the globalization trend of the world economy, the MG is constantly exploring and advancing, and gradually develops its own unique watchmaking culture. After taking office, Fluri Hubert carried out a certain degree of resource integration on the MG brand, from the traditional family management mode to the scientific production management, modern marketing planning mode, to meet the needs of the market for the majority of watch lovers bring a classic, high-quality Watch.

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