How To Deal With The Sneak Stop Of IWC Mechanical Watch

As to the sneak top of the watch, those who have an understanding of the mechanical watch should know. It is because of the automatic mechanical watch depends on the swing of the arm to complete the winding. Also, it can also be manually wound.

If the watch has been placed for too long or the amount of activity of the arm does not meet the required, the watch will sneak stop, which may cause the watch to unwatch or stop when it is not worn at night. This is especially true when the person’s arm is inactive at night. At this time, we need to wind the watch to ensure that the watch has sufficient kinetic energy, so that the watch will not stop. Because the automatic winding is not enough, it is easy to happen to people who don’t swing their wrists, such as code farmers, editors, etc.

There is also a hairspring problem caused by magnetism, and the hairspring failure is also one of the reasons why the mechanical watch is stolen during normal walking. Some of the people we mentioned earlier have caused the watch to stop because of insufficient activity, and if the amount of activity is too large, the winding mechanism will be broken due to the tightening of the spring.

It also causes insufficient power. Generally, this kind of stoppage will occur from 9:00 to 12:00 in the evening. At this time, the hour wheel of the watch with the calendar function drives the calendar wheel. Directly causing the underpowered calendar card to stop.

In most cases, if this happens after winding, you should take timely measures to remove the fault as soon as possible. If it involves a faulty part of the mechanical movement, it is necessary to repair the watch after the sale and to avoid secondary damage to the watch.

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