Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Biplane Series Q605244J Dual-Axis Stereo Tourbillon Men’s Watch

Complicated and accurate, beautiful and beautiful!

As a representative of Swiss fine watchmaking and movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been a leader in the fine watchmaking industry. Especially in the Duomètre bi-wing series, each model in the collection has a unique design. The collection combines outstanding design, unique features, and purely watchmaking traditions, and is truly a singularity in many of the brand’s collections. Next, let us walk into this complex and accurate aesthetic beauty of the Duomètre bi-wing series Q605244J dual-axis stereo tourbillon men’s watch!


In addition to exquisite, the Duomètre bi-wing series Q605244J dual-axis stereo tourbillon men’s watch is also unique in appearance. The dial is a dial based on the lithographic process, surrounded by a retrograde date dial, with a small second at 6 o’clock and a second-time display at 12 o’clock. Thanks to the two-wing architecture, we can see that there is a separate power reserve indicator module on the top and bottom of the dial. The Sphérotourbillon spherical tourbillon is openly displayed on the left, and the main dial with local time is displayed on the right, and the date display is subtly surrounded. In addition, there is a 24-hour display sub-dial on the dial to display the second time zone; the small second’s hand is below the dial. The rose gold case is delicate and delicate, the dial is simple and clear, the bezel and the lugs are polished, and the case hoop is polished by satin. These iconic designs are based on the design aesthetics of the Duomètre bi-wing watch collection, which contrasts with the complex mechanical structure of the mechanical movement.

2019 TAG Heuer Calella CALIBER 16 chronograph review

In 2019, TAG Heuer added four new Calella Calibre 16 watches with an improved design to expand the legendary Carrera Carrera collection.

TAG Heuer Carrera has always focused on designing timepieces for racing drivers and, of course, timepieces that many watch lovers love. The brand’s design has always been based on a combination of tradition and innovation. The style of the new enhanced watch is more modern, not only improves the readability of the dial but also makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear, from a busy office to a casual weekend. The improved 41mm TAG Heuer Calella Calibre 16 combines performance with a sporty, sleek look that is both stylish and comforwatch.


These new design features make this exquisite chronograph stand out from its predecessors. The four watches are available in two-panel colors: black and blue, with fluorescently-marked rhodium-plated hour markers and hands. This contrast between the dial and the scale is ideal for drivers to read while driving. Compared to the older models, the counters on the three small dials of the chronograph became larger and more conspicuous.


Comparison of new and old Calella chronograph dials

The hour markers are cleverly filled with luminescent materials instead of using SuperLuminova® dots at each indicator, which allows the wearer to get the best visibility under any conditions. In addition, a small additional amount of additional color enhances the overall appearance of the watch. On the black dial, the red tone highlights the tip of the central seconds and small hands and the start/stop button and the dial outer ring at 12 to 3 o’clock. On the blue dial, the red tone turns orange.


A further difference between the new and the old models is in the stainless steel case, which is made to look thinner and smoother due to the shorter lugs and smooth brushed and polished surfaces, making the watch more dynamic. The newly modified lug length and style make the watch really more comforwatch than the old one. The black and blue ceramic bezels are also larger because the bezel no longer has a metal ring along the outer edge. This change highlights the sporty look of this elegant watch.


I think the most striking of the four new models are the CBM2112.FC6455 with a blue disc and a light brown leather strap. The strap of this watch is made of perforated calfskin, the stitching and lining are the same oranges as the dial, and the light brown strap is in perfect contrast to the blue dial. Of course, the blue and black panels are also available in stainless steel bracelets. The black dial with a perforated black leather strap with red stitching.


Powered by the new model is the Calibre 16 automatic movement, with the TAG Heuer logo and Carrera printed on the center of the stainless steel stamped back. In addition, if you look closely, the crown is slightly upgraded and the center groove is sprayed. The black lacquer and the surface are printed with the TAG Heuer Logo.


Summary: The TAG Heuer Carrera series was first born in 1963. Thanks to the connection with the racing world, the series continues to grow and the Calella collection has become one of the brand’s most popular and well-known collections. Designed for professional racers, the Calella series is named after the famous and dangerous Carrera Panamericana event, which is only the bravest riders. The word Carrera means “race” or “professional”, and the bold, innovative and tough watch with this name will certainly be loved by those who do things in their own way, whether on the track or on their own. The road to life.

Breguet Queen of Naples series stainless steel 8967ST – elegant civilian queen!

Since 1810, Napoleon’s sister, Queen of Naples, Caroline Jura, commissioned Breguet to design the Queen of Naples series. The Queen of Naples series has always been a wrist gift for Breguet to present outstanding women of the era. Over the years, that has eggs. The shape of the case, the Neapolitan series of coins on the side of the case has been made of precious metals, usually inlaid with a variety of jewelry, becoming the brand’s fine jewelry watch. However, in order to be suiwatch for the daily wear of professional women in the new era, Breguet has specially launched this Breguet Queens series stainless steel 8967ST watch!

The Breguet Queen’s Queen Series stainless steel 8967ST watch still features a classic egg-shaped case, and the slightly curved shape makes this watch comfortably wrapped around the wrist. The hemispherical sapphire crystal is anti-glare, which effectively eliminates glare and improves visibility. The case is a two-piece upper and lower structure, secured by six polishing screws, each case numbered separately. All the surfaces of the case are polished to a mirror finish, and the side is a classic Coin-printed decoration. The groove’s outer casing also has a matching groove crown, and the crown is located at an unconventional 4 o’clock position, which avoids the feel of the large crown at the conventional 3 o’clock position. The crown is covered with a large, brightly cut light ash. Color diamonds. However, when worn on the hand, the manual winding is slightly inconvenient.

The dial of the Breguet Queens series stainless steel 8967ST watch is made of natural white mother-of-pearl, which subtly reflects and refracts light and presents bright colors at different angles. The hour markers are mostly small three-dimensional diamonds, distributed on the egg-shaped eccentric inner circle line, but at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, the playful oversized embossed Arabic numerals are designed. Each dial is also individually numbered and printed on the dial, next to the Breguet swashes, with the same number as the case. The end of the blue steel hour and minute hands resembles a raindrop shape. The overall impression of the dial is a compass on an antique map.


The sapphire crystal case back of the Breguet Queens Series stainless steel 8967ST watch reveals the beautiful Breguet 591C automatic movement. The 591C is based on the classic 591A movement, powerful and precise, with a double-barrel, 25 jewels, 4Hz Hz, 183 parts; its 22K gold turret is also decorated with exquisite Button line. The traditional Swiss lever escapement is used, but the screw balance is applied. It is worth mentioning that the balance spring is a silicon flat spring. As we all know, silicon is a high-tech new material with many advantages. Silicon is not affected by magnetic fields and temperature changes. It does not warp due to the pulling force of gravity. It is lighter than steel, has high hardness, is highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and does not require a lubricant. Therefore, maintenance probability is reduced. For women, the benefit of silicon hairspring is that the wearer no longer has to worry about being easily magnetized by the magnetic buckle of the bag!

The Breguet Queens series stainless steel 8967ST watch uses a steel material, but the modern feel of steel replaces the original classical atmosphere, but its classic elegance and refined temperament have not lost. The new style that makes this watch closer to everyday life, ladies can often wear in a variety of occasions.

Golden watch brand introduction

With the deepening of globalization, international trade is constantly developing. Among them, the products of each country can be produced in the country by the advantage of the country, and then shipped to the exporting country for assembly and sales, such as Apple mobile phones. Today, we will talk about the watch brand from Switzerland – golden, not very well understood, you can follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to understand.


Golden, founded in Switzerland, is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and creative design. The design style is gorgeous and noble, simple and elegant. Each piece contains exquisite and elegant artistic essence. With the excellent watchmaking craft and unique artistic beauty, it plays the classic time charm and deeply attracts the pursuit of success. , glory and outstanding watch lovers.

The ancient statues are inherited from the Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and are deeply immersed in the cultural connotation of watchmaking. The ancient respects of design and development are also outstanding and extraordinary. Just like its “GOLDEN – Time to Time” brand concept, it justifies the eternal respect of time and respect for time, and it also embodies its ambition for the pursuit of the perfection of high-level timepiece art. In recent years, the development of Golden is getting better and better. I believe that such niche brands will also have a place in China.

Golden watches enjoy a high reputation in the country, and its watchmaking heritage is inherited from Switzerland, and it is also a relatively old-fashioned watch style. For those who pursue the practicality of watches, Golden watches can absolutely meet the requirements of these people and achieve a combination of classic aesthetics and high-end atmosphere. At the same time, Golden pays attention to the high-level appeals of successful people, knowing that a high-quality watch is not just a simple timing tool, but also a status symbol created by perfect details. Therefore, we strictly follow Swiss rigorous craft standards when making watches, and strive to keep improving, so that every ancient watch can highlight a good taste.

Raymond Weil Watch Introduction

Raymond Weil’s classic women’s watch is simple and elegant. Raymond Weil automatic mechanical men’s watch said to be the American middle-class favorite.


Raymond Weil has won numerous awards at major exhibitions in the watch industry and Longines. Pure Swiss watch, pure low-key luxury, and honor. The price is also affordable.


The mechanical watch of the moon phase series, the blue font, and the small diamond set off the dial of the shell, the mirror of the sapphire with the strap of the crocodile skin, I want to have her when I see it. Through the back, you can see a small ruby ​​on the movement, and there are some cautions! The watch that loves leather straps from an early age has become a complex.


On the mainland, I saw it, automatic mechanical watch, hollow movement, mother-of-pearl dial, very woman but simple and generous. Going to Hong Kong will also take a try and look at the watch line. The tellers also check the information back and forth several times before finally finding the goods from other places. It is not easy to get it!


I recently wanted to send a watch to my mother, asking for a number on the surface. After reading it for a long time, I found that Raymond Weil’s watch is a bit too much. Tens of thousands of domestic watches, after playing more than 300 US dollars in the United States, did not hesitate to buy, riding a donkey to find a horse, and later to see a better one and then change her.


Raymond Weil watches and Longines is a grade. Raymond Weil is a family company founded in 1976 by Mr. Raymond Weil under his own name. In less than 30 years, this company with extraordinary creativity and sense of the times has become an internationally renowned Swiss brand. Mr. Raymond Weil has always been able to consolidate the company’s rapid growth with its unique charm and outstanding leadership and has established a solid and independent distribution network in 86 countries across five continents. Every Raymond Weighing watch is definitely worth the money. The unique personality of the brand is positioned in the perfect combination of modern fashion and traditional classics to meet the needs of young customers who pursue traditional classic design. Mr. Olivier Bernheim joined in 1982, turning Raymond Weil into a small company. An internationally renowned brand that does not lose its family characteristics. At the same time, the image of Raymond Weil’s original designer watch has gradually developed into a self-contained complete brand. The number of watch styles has been greatly reduced, replaced by a distinctive design series. With its superb Swiss watchmaking technology and knowledge, as well as the development of new technology, Raymond Weil insists on the creativity of its products and its superb watchmaking technology and quality, so it is a well-respected and well-respected customer. Favorite. With its long-term support for its solid and reliable distribution channels, Raymond Weil is now not only a famous brand but also a true watchmaking company. She focuses on using her strengths and constantly strives for excellence. This has enabled Raymond to face a number of new rivals in today’s international watch industry and still have a place in the market. In addition, Raymond Weil has always maintained its family-run business characteristics and is an important advantage in today’s watchmaking industry.

Is the double-needle watch more difficult to make? Breguet Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch

For the watchmakers, the process of creating a two-needle ultra-thin watch is definitely one of the nightmares that you don’t want to experience anymore. Believe it or not, I believe it. Because the design of such works is extremely simple, it is easy to end up with monotonous and boring results. After all, if there is no bright spot at all, how can it be remembered? Therefore, this reflects the exquisiteness of the Breguet Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch (and its 2018 rose gold style). Although it is pure, clean and simple in design, it still shows a distinct treasure. style.


For those watches with ultra-thin, three-pin and other words, it seems to be an advantage at first glance, but in reality, it is a disadvantage. Don’t think it’s a simple matter to create a watch with the above elements, especially with its own distinctive features. In fact, this may be more complicated than creating a timepiece with complex functions. This is mainly because, like this one, there is not much place for the brand to show its superiority. The case, the two hands, and the dial is all of it… Moreover, this watch also needs The elegance and low-key atmosphere are displayed together, so it will be so tricky in terms of creation.


After seeing Breguet’s Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch, we can say that we have found an example that can contradict the above arguments. This watch does not require any complicated function packages or unique design skills, it can be recognized as a member of the Breguet family. Consistency in design and the full use of traditional aspects are no longer just a manifestation of conservatism in this form. For 5157, this has become the most intuitive way for Breguet to display brand genes, simple, original, but highly recognizable.

Through the back of the sapphire crystal, we can appreciate the delicate appearance of this movement that can cultivate the sentiment. The eccentric oscillating weight is made of pure gold, which is decorated with enamel embossing, in addition to the fine Geneva on the splint. Stripes and exquisite gold inscriptions and polished chamfers.


This Breguet Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch is a rather unique piece of work. Although it looks very simple in terms of mechanical structure and design layout, it can easily attract the attention of people around.

TAG Heuer joins global brand ambassador Angelababy to present the F1 series ladies watch

“Wrist” is gravitational, “watch” is now thousands

TAG Heuer launches the new TAG Heuer’s F1 (Formula 1) women’s watch video by global brand ambassador Angelababy (Yang Ying), showing Angelababy wearing different styles of F1 ladies’ watches on every occasion. The temperament is perfectly matched with the various states in life, and the extraordinary atmosphere is emitted, showing the pioneering spirit of #DontCrackUnderPressure# (no fear under pressure).

Different styles of the new F1 series ladies watch can help you with a variety of occasions. Sports, leisure, business, or in front of the camera, you can show off your self and show your unique style.

Angelababy shared: “The new F1 series ladies watch is amazing! I am very happy that my wrist has so many choices and different styles to match, it will become the new favorite of contemporary women!

The new F1 series ladies’ watch has been redesigned to accommodate the diverse needs of contemporary women with new shapes, new materials, new dials, and new straps. The interchangeable strap design transforms the wrist style with a short, easy-to-operate look, giving the watch a stylish look.

Another new feature of the watch is the double main splint system on the dial, which adds contrast, improves legibility, and creates a complementary color effect: whether it is a blue sunray or silver-plated dial, or all-black The exterior, or even the complete rock or set of diamonds, can be perfectly matched to modern trends.

More models of the new TAG Heuer F1 series ladies’ watches have been launched in China, as the entry-level model of the brand, starting at RMB 7,600.

About TAG Heuer

In 1860, when Edouard Heuer was 20 years old, he founded his own watchmaking factory in Jura, Switzerland. Whether it’s creating a Mikrograph in 1916, sponsoring the Formula 1 team in the 1970s, or launching the first luxury smartwatch in 2015, these examples showcased major technological innovations, ultimate precision and the pursuit of disruptive design. The brand’s unique spiritual concept. Headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, TAG Heuer operates four production sites, masters the entire watchmaking process, and is active in all continents through 4,500 points of sale, of which 170 The TAG Heuer boutique can be accessed directly in some countries at www.tagheuer.com. The TAG Heuer watch is designed for those who love the challenge. The brand’s publicity strategy mainly involves three major areas – sports, lifestyle, and heritage – which expands the brand’s influence and reflects the brand’s glorious tradition and pure genes. The brand’s partners and image ambassadors showcase the open and enlightened culture of the brand. In addition to working with China’s lunar exploration project and China’s Mars exploration project, TAG Heuer joins hands with the most prestigious and pioneering names: the Formula One Red Bull Racing Team, the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, the Formula E Electric Formula Championship, and the most important European, Asian and Asian continents. Football League, Manchester United, Chinese Football Association China Team, China Football Association Super League, China Men’s Basketball Professional League, China National Space Administration, Chinese popular actress Yang Ying (Angelababy) and national male god Almighty idol EVAN LEE, fashion tide Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne, as well as actors Chris Hemsworth and Patrick Dempsey.

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

I was particularly impressed with a line in the movie Jeux d’enfants. Does the male lord ask the female lord: Tu crois au coup de foudre? (Do you believe in love at first sight?) The female lord answers him: Bah ouais. (Belief.) When buying a watch, will you start a watch because you fall in love at first sight? What? Today, the watch house will recommend three beautiful and popular watches to see if you have a feeling of heart.

Omega Seamaster Series

Watch Comments: Omega Seamaster Series 300 meters diving watch is very hot, many watch friends have already started. Compared with the old sea master series, this sea master 300m diving watch has been adjusted accordingly, such as the size of 42mm, the diving of the ceramic bezel with white enamel and so on. The gray ceramic dial features a laser-engraved corrugated pattern for a strong marine feel, and the hour markers and hands are covered with a white Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The movement is equipped with a movement of 8800 to the Observatory. This movement is familiar to everyone and has a strong anti-magnetic capability.

IWC Pilot Series IW377714

Watch Comments: IWC Pilot Series value is well known, this watch follows the classic design of the pilot series, with a steel case with an elegant deep blue dial, the design of the disk is also the unique design of the IWC pilot series The timing function, date display and day of the week display are sufficient for daily use. The design of the bottom cover makes people love it, and the image of the little prince wearing a coat and holding a sword is very cute.

Breitling Avengers Series A1733110/I519/153S/A20DSA.2 (Folding Buckle)

Watch Comments: Breitling this Avengers second-generation deep-diving sea wolf watch is also very popular, the appearance is tough, the color is bold, the rate of return is very high. The biggest highlight of this watch design is the application of color. The bright yellow color is very eye-catching, and the hard shape of the Avengers series makes it instantly exciting. The movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), ensures precise travel time and is stored for more than 38 hours.

Summary: Nowadays, in a hurrying life, it is not easy to fall in love at first sight. Whether it is to meet a favorite watch or to meet someone you like, it is not easy. When you meet a favorite watch, you will take it; if you meet someone you like, let go and chase it.

Esprit Watch Introduction

Esprit is a fashion brand that covers clothing, watches, accessories, shoes, etc.

Esprit is a fashion brand in the United States, covering clothing, watches, accessories, shoes, etc., was established in 1964. Esprit is an international fashion brand. The styles that are made are more in line with the younger and more swatch feelings. The price is not very expensive, not fancy, and it is more swatch for a white-collar office. Quality is still guaranteed.

Esprit is an international young lifestyle brand that offers stylish, affordable clothing and adds new touches and style to life. Esprit operates more than 800 retail stores directly in the world and markets the world through 14,000 wholesalers. Esprit has a worldwide sales site covering more than 1.1 million square meters in more than 40 countries. What Esprit is shaping for customers is not just the clothing that hangs on the body, but also a way of life, an attitude towards life, a feeling of self.

Esprit’s image begins with esprit’s horizontal “E” mark, a watch mark that can be found at Esprit retail stores in 46 countries around the world. The design of the mark shows the young, lively, interesting and creative side of Esprit. Based on the consistent style of keeping this mark simple, clear and outstanding, Esprit always innovates design ideas and cooperates with the principle of “often different, no change”. The Esprit mark appears regularly in different colors or words, giving customers a refreshing feeling.

Esprit, English is ESPRIT. Watches are generally made in the United States, and there are few such brands in mainland China. Singapore, Hong Kong, and other Southeast Asian countries are very popular. The price of watches is different, the mechanical watch is more expensive, about RMB2000, and the battery drive is generally around 1000

ESPRIT (Esprit) is a fashion brand owned by Esprit Holdings Limited. Founded in 1964 in San Francisco, California, USA, ESPRIT is now branded in 1979.

Count the high-end brand, it is recommended to buy when the discount, this discount is very strong.

Guess How Much These Watches Are?

Recently, the Les Cabinotiers attic craftsmanship department of Vacheron Constantin has unveiled a collection of exquisite “Les Mécaniques Sauvages”, which are mostly inspired by wildlife and are made with a variety of advanced techniques. The scope of timepieces has risen to the realm of art collections. Below, let’s take a look at some of them.

The first one is the ceremonial tourbillon “Golden Snake Dance” watch. Inspired by the snake, the snake pattern is carefully carved on the case, and every small scale is vivid. The watch also includes six patented designs, featuring dual retrograde, ceremonial tourbillons, and advanced materials such as silicon pallets and escape wheels, and aluminum tourbillon frames.

The second is the 14-day tourbillon “King of the Jungle” watch. Inspired by the lion, the watch depicts a lion on the dial with a calm look. In order to make this lion, the watchmaker used the gray-scale enamel process, which first covered the gold dial with dark brown glaze, and after high-temperature firing, it was painted with “Limoges white glaze”, which showed gray and white. The perfect effect of brown and other colors and shadows. The watch is also equipped with a Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon and a 14-day power reserve. Very domineering.

The third is the “mysterious animal” watch. Inspired by tigers, this watch has a very special dial layout. Instead of traditional scales and hands, it has four small windows on the edge of the dial that show hours, minutes, weeks and dates, so that a lot of time is reserved. The dial space is used for artistic creation. The tiger on the dial seems to be hiding in the bamboo forest. Because of the ancient techniques such as line carving, every detail is very realistic.

The fourth is the grayscale falcon watch. Inspired by the Raptor Falcon, this watch uses the same grayscale technique as the King of the Jungle, presenting a black-and-white photo. This process is very demanding for watchmakers and needs to be fired at a high temperature of 800-900 degrees Celsius. With a little negligence, all the results are destroyed. The interior is equipped with a 2460 SC movement, which is durable and reliable.