For Roger Dubuis, every day is the day of competition, full of new challenges and goals of excellence. Like the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Lamborghini Athletics Division, Roger Dubuis is committed to excellence and cutting-edge performance, amazingly innovative innovations and superbly stylish aesthetics, all of which are based on forward-looking research and determination and dedication. To provide a bold and unique customer experience. These common points prompted the two sides to quickly launch radical cooperation and burst into a brilliant spark.



Lamborghini Squadra Corse Lamborghini Racing and Roger Dubuis are determined to bring together each other’s expertise and skills to provide the best service for those who are committed to surpassing their limits and breaking through established rules. When the engineer’s superior vision meets the watchmaker’s extraordinary creativity, it creates a timepiece that is amazing and carries the spirit of “excellent machinery and galloping”: the first watch created by both parties has been

September 20, 2017, was launched. In the strong cooperation of the next year, Italy’s elegant aesthetics continue to work together with Swiss precision machinery and excellence to create horror.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante watch

Strong kernel

Inspired by the unique design aesthetics of Lamborghini Squadra Corse and its Huracán Performante supercar in 2018, Roger Dubuis’s watchmakers created a timepiece with a racing style. The imposing Excalibur Huracán

One of the most striking features of the Performante watch is its new “engine”: the RD630 caliber with a 12-degree tilting wheel, an iconic movement by Roger Dubuis and the Lamborghini Lamborghini Alliance. This watch borrows strong and vivid visual elements from the morphological characteristics of the super sports car, and is especially important for the hexagonal shape: as a common geometry for constructing a super sports car body, it appears in various timepieces in various deformation methods. In particular, it symbolizes the design of the “engine room lever”. Lamborghini The Lamborghini Huracán Performante super-sports conspicuous hexagonal air intake grille is also shown in miniature on the Excalibur Huracán Performante watch, which can be viewed through its hollowed-out dial.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante watch

Other special decorations include: a new crown inspired by the super sports car wheel nut; a hollow bridge with a double-barrel “fuel tank” and a multi-material “spoiler”; and an automatic machine viewed from the back of the watch The core’s entire circular oscillating weight also emulates the rim design of the Lamborghini Lamborghini Huracán series of wheels. The exceptional performance, lightness, and safety of the Excalibur Huracán Performante watch, like the Huracán supercar, is covered with a unique “technical titanium grey” coating with iconic bright yellow decorative elements – this concept is based on 2019 The latest version of the super sports car on the track.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante watch


Global grip

When the engineer’s superior vision meets the watchmaker’s extraordinary creativity, he has achieved a new work of “Perfect Fit”. As a technological pioneer in tire production and development, Pirelli has worked with Lamborghini Lamborghini for more than half a century. All Lamborghini Lamborghini sports cars and road sports cars are equipped with cutting-edge Pirelli Pirelli tires to drive the thrilling track. Today, the Excalibur Huracán Performante watch “masters” the wrist: the rubber strap of the watch is in addition to the Alcantara material, and the back is printed with Pirelli P Zero TrofeoTMR high-performance custom tires. Unique texture. With its centuries-old racing expertise, Pirelli has created this excellent custom tire that not only enhances the driving pleasure of the sports car but also creates the best results on the track with the most advanced technology.


Excalibur Huracàn Performante Watch Movement (RD630)




Nothing is more memorable than the real experience: the 88 owners of this thrilling timepiece will be able to look forward to an extraordinary experience of speeding on the track, becoming a privileged audience to enjoy the excitement of the Super Trofeo. Please wait and see, wait for the arrival of December 1st, and all the surprises that will be followed!


About Roger Dubuis

Since 1995, Roger Dubuis has a place in the field of modern fine watchmaking. The brand adheres to the spirit of innovation, and its bold and eye-catching design demonstrates the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and authority in the field of fine watchmaking machinery, playing a pivotal role in the 21st century. Bold innovation and gorgeous elegance are the unique characteristics of the brand, and determination is the driving force for the brand to move forward.The brand has boutiques and exclusive sales networks around the world, and you can find the Excalibur and Velvet collections from Roger Dubuis around the world. In Geneva, the Swiss watchmaker is committed to the pursuit of perfection and has worked tirelessly to develop watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary technology.

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