How To Choose The Right Watch

There are many kinds of watches, many people are difficult to decide when they choose. I don’t know what kind of watch is right for you. So let’s see how to choose the right watch.

How to choose the right watch

  1. Choose a watch that suits your wrist, skin color, body shape, and frequent occasions. If you are bigger and stronger, you can’t choose a petite, delicate watch. It is best to choose a large surface, a chain link, and the geometrical structure of the grain is thicker. It looks more stylish and has a strong body shape suit watch for wearing a rough style watch. Smaller models should choose a smaller dial, thin section, away from the large surface, thick watch, beautiful people, should have a delicate watch to match it will look delicate and lively.

2, with your own overall to match, with the choice of clothes, glasses, handbags, the choice of watches must also be consistent with the overall dress.

3, according to the material of the strap to choose the color, if the strap is made of leather, then the strap color and the color of the shoes are consistent, this is a wise match.

4, consistent with their own temperament, whether you are outgoing or introverted, keen and sports or fashion simplicity, watches should be consistent with their own temperament, do not choose exaggerated large dial watch.

5, consistent with the environment, with different watches on different occasions, it is not appropriate to over-pursuit and shines

6, Choose the watch that suits you at the price. If you are just a commuter who squeezes the bus every day, and you don’t have so much economic support, don’t buy a watch with a good face. This will not give you the identity. It brings troubles in the life economy. You can choose the appearance, the movement, the quality, and the workmanship are all similar to the original replica watch. Although it is not a real genuine watch, it also brings good effects on the matching clothes. This is better than the price of the counter. , tangible, face to death, and overdraft hard support is much better.

Purchase watch considerations

When purchasing, you should choose the watch that suits you according to your actual income. Generally, you can purchase it with your monthly salary of two months.

Regular maintenance, the watch should not be deliberately put into the water test even if it is waterproof.