Is the double-needle watch more difficult to make? Breguet Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch

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For the watchmakers, the process of creating a two-needle ultra-thin watch is definitely one of the nightmares that you don’t want to experience anymore. Believe it or not, I believe it. Because the design of such works is extremely simple, it is easy to end up with monotonous and boring results. After all, if there is no bright spot at all, how can it be remembered? Therefore, this reflects the exquisiteness of the Breguet Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch (and its 2018 rose gold style). Although it is pure, clean and simple in design, it still shows a distinct treasure. style.


For those watches with ultra-thin, three-pin and other words, it seems to be an advantage at first glance, but in reality, it is a disadvantage. Don’t think it’s a simple matter to create a watch with the above elements, especially with its own distinctive features. In fact, this may be more complicated than creating a timepiece with complex functions. This is mainly because, like this one, there is not much place for the brand to show its superiority. The case, the two hands, and the dial is all of it… Moreover, this watch also needs The elegance and low-key atmosphere are displayed together, so it will be so tricky in terms of creation.


After seeing Breguet’s Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch, we can say that we have found an example that can contradict the above arguments. This watch does not require any complicated function packages or unique design skills, it can be recognized as a member of the Breguet family. Consistency in design and the full use of traditional aspects are no longer just a manifestation of conservatism in this form. For 5157, this has become the most intuitive way for Breguet to display brand genes, simple, original, but highly recognizable.

Through the back of the sapphire crystal, we can appreciate the delicate appearance of this movement that can cultivate the sentiment. The eccentric oscillating weight is made of pure gold, which is decorated with enamel embossing, in addition to the fine Geneva on the splint. Stripes and exquisite gold inscriptions and polished chamfers.


This Breguet Classique 5157 ultra-thin watch is a rather unique piece of work. Although it looks very simple in terms of mechanical structure and design layout, it can easily attract the attention of people around.