Guess How Much These Watches Are?

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Recently, the Les Cabinotiers attic craftsmanship department of Vacheron Constantin has unveiled a collection of exquisite “Les Mécaniques Sauvages”, which are mostly inspired by wildlife and are made with a variety of advanced techniques. The scope of timepieces has risen to the realm of art collections. Below, let’s take a look at some of them.

The first one is the ceremonial tourbillon “Golden Snake Dance” watch. Inspired by the snake, the snake pattern is carefully carved on the case, and every small scale is vivid. The watch also includes six patented designs, featuring dual retrograde, ceremonial tourbillons, and advanced materials such as silicon pallets and escape wheels, and aluminum tourbillon frames.

The second is the 14-day tourbillon “King of the Jungle” watch. Inspired by the lion, the watch depicts a lion on the dial with a calm look. In order to make this lion, the watchmaker used the gray-scale enamel process, which first covered the gold dial with dark brown glaze, and after high-temperature firing, it was painted with “Limoges white glaze”, which showed gray and white. The perfect effect of brown and other colors and shadows. The watch is also equipped with a Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon and a 14-day power reserve. Very domineering.

The third is the “mysterious animal” watch. Inspired by tigers, this watch has a very special dial layout. Instead of traditional scales and hands, it has four small windows on the edge of the dial that show hours, minutes, weeks and dates, so that a lot of time is reserved. The dial space is used for artistic creation. The tiger on the dial seems to be hiding in the bamboo forest. Because of the ancient techniques such as line carving, every detail is very realistic.

The fourth is the grayscale falcon watch. Inspired by the Raptor Falcon, this watch uses the same grayscale technique as the King of the Jungle, presenting a black-and-white photo. This process is very demanding for watchmakers and needs to be fired at a high temperature of 800-900 degrees Celsius. With a little negligence, all the results are destroyed. The interior is equipped with a 2460 SC movement, which is durable and reliable.