Why is this rainbow circle sold out?

To show the natural beauty of the rainbow with colored gems on the bezel, it is a great test for brand strength and mosaic technology. Therefore, there are not many brands that dare to try the Rainbow Circle. The players are “strength players”. In 2018, the “100-year technology big cow” Zenith launched the Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited edition watch, which is divided into black ceramic and titanium gold, each limited to 50 pieces, and now it is a difficult state of out of stock. Then, this “true” rainbow, by virtue of what is in the fierce rainbow circle watch competition, to kill a bloody road?

In recent years, Zenith has successfully transformed itself with the iconic hollow mechanical sense of the new DEFY series. It is full of domineering and full of futuristic sense and has harvested a lot of young friends. But can the cool mechanical feel and luxurious colored gemstones be combined without any compromise?


First of all, the dial style still follows the hollow design of the Defy series, which is full of mechanical sense. The 2.26-carat/44-long stepped cut gemstones around the bezel are arranged in a gradual arrangement of colors, forming a beautiful “rainbow circle” between the wrists. The colorful treasure shines but highlights the characteristic structure of the skeleton movement. It is worth mentioning here that it was heard before at the exhibition. Today’s current gems inlaid on all Rainbow Circle watches are made of VVS clarity and high-quality gems. That is to say, there is no one who has less or less for the value of gems.


In terms of case material, this watch is available in two versions, black ceramic, and titanium. The black model is low-key and boring, yet elegant, and it feels full in the hand. Silver silver titanium version I did not get started, but the advantages of titanium metal material must be understood by everyone, the amount is light and hard like lighter friends can try it on, will definitely feel the surprise.

Although from the appearance, including the large dial of 44 mm, it seems to be more suiwatch for men, in fact, I also saw girls wearing, handsome and refined, the most important thing is that it is right.


Here, I share with you some of the star wear and the daily wear of the watch, the preference is based on everyone’s own match, but I think that regardless of any clothing, this “mechanical rainbow” watch can always become the “finishing touch” of the whole body.


There are two independent escapement systems: one for the travel time system and the other for the timing system.

As a force in one of Switzerland’s four major movement factories, the company has always been the foundation of its organic core and technical strength. When it comes to technology, Zenith will proudly lift the El Primero watch on his wrist. After all, the title of the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement is not white. After that, we know that Zenith developed an El Primero 9004 self-winding star speed caliber with a 1/100 second accuracy based on the original 1/10 second precision El Primero movement. With the second beat of 100, it is the most “speed” movement in the world. The DEFY El Primero 21 RAINBOW limited edition is equipped with this movement. It is worth mentioning that such a high-precision high-frequency movement can also achieve the hollowing-out style, which is also sufficient to prove the powerful performance of the self-produced movement. On the whole, there are only a handful of brands that can do this now, and Zenith is one of them.


Finally, to talk about a practical problem, the DEFY El Primero 21 RAINBOW limited edition watch can be fired to “a difficult list”, and its high-cost performance is definitely an important reason. The rainbow-band watches of various brands circulating on the market today are tens or even millions. The high-energy and high-quality this limited-time “Rainbow Circle” has the same level of high-quality colored gemstones, Hong Kong and the mainland are equally limited sales, priced at RMB 175,000, compared to other rainbow ring watches, it can be said Too affordable.


On the other hand, regarding the maintenance price, for this kind of precision machinery, the movement design of the El Primero 9004 self-winding star speed movement is very precise, swatch, shockproof and anti-magnetic. The cycle required for maintenance has been greatly reduced and it takes only a few years to maintain it. This maintenance cost is accepwatch considering its wearing value.

From the perspective of this rainbow ring sold out, the watch friends who don’t blindly follow and increase the price to buy super-priced watches are still in the market. Buying a watch is like a happy, reliable one.

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